Throughout the day, we regularly take out our smartphone, look at the time and check notifications. A smart watch will help you save precious minutes for more important things. The Zepp brand has released a new flagship product that takes on some of the functions of the phone and promises to become an indispensable assistant. This is true? We’ll find out in the review.

Titanium case – guarantee of durability

Smart watches are distinguished by a strict classic design and the use of expensive materials that give the device a presentable appearance. The unibody polished titanium alloy case paired with a brown leather strap looks rugged and looks appropriate on a man’s wrist. You forget about the wearable accessory a minute or two after you start using it – the ergonomics are thought out perfectly. When bending the wrist in the opposite direction, the watch also does not hinder movement. The manufacturer has provided a traditional 22mm mount and many holes in the strap. If desired, it can be easily replaced with your own version.

I can’t find fault with the display

The device is equipped with a round matrix made using AMOLED technology. The glass is slightly recessed into the body, which protects it from scratches. The new screen is 1.39 inches with a resolution of 454×454, so the pixel density of 326 ppi is more than decent. I was pleased with the high-quality oleophobic coating and the instant operation of the light sensor. The maximum brightness of the panel is 550 nits, which is enough for good visibility in direct sunlight. The display lights up when you raise your hand without error, although with a second delay. By default, Always on Display is disabled, but you can easily enable it in Settings.

Zepp Z review

Connecting link

To synchronize your gadget with your smartphone, you need to perform two simple steps: download the Zepp app (available for Android and iOS) on your phone and use it to scan the QR code from the watch display. The main screen of the proprietary utility displays various health indicators and daily activity statistics. In the accessory profile, you can configure it, including selecting notification sources, wearing method (on the right or left hand) and setting a password. By default, the Zepp Z comes with five preset watch faces, three of which can be edited to change the information displayed. The utility has over 80 more design options available for download, not to mention adding your own background.

Zepp Z review


There are three buttons on the right side of the watch. The lower one is for calling up a list of sports modes, the central one is for opening the menu of all applications and quickly returning to the main screen (dial). The middle key also functions as a wheel, allowing you to navigate through interface elements. Scrolling is accompanied by a pleasant tactile vibration, reminiscent of the Taptic Engine from the Cupertino company. The top button is an imitation, added by Zepp designers solely for symmetry.

Zepp Z review

Intuitive interface

The system works quickly, but sometimes the rendering of graphic elements occurs in jerks. You get used to the interface of the accessory right away. Swipe left and right allows you to move between shortcut programs, the order and list of which can be customized. A swipe from below brings up the notification center, and from above – a curtain with quick settings. I liked the ability to control music playback from the watch screen. Therefore, now there is no need to take your smartphone out of your pocket every time. The maximum number of messages in the notification center is 20, but you will not be able to reply to them. Icons for most instant messengers and social networks are displayed correctly. The smart DND (Do Not Disturb) mode, which turns off all notifications while the owner is sleeping, and the flashlight function, which displays a white background on the display and maximizes brightness, were useful.

Zepp Z review

Fitness trainer on your wrist

All the sensors needed to read health indicators are located under the glass on the back of the watch. With their help, the gadget tracks the heartbeat and measures blood oxygen saturation. Thanks to the gyroscope and accelerometer, the device clearly records every body movement. After analyzing the collected data, Zepp Z informs the owner about the level of stress and quality of sleep. The company has developed its own health assessment system (PAI), based on which the user will receive optimal recommendations for improving physiological indicators.

The new product features 90 sports modes, divided into 12 sections. Among them there are both standard activities (walking, running, cycling) and non-trivial ones (dancing, martial arts and even archery). Since the case is waterproof, the watch is ideal for training in the pool. You just need to indicate the length of the course – the device will accurately measure the pace of the swim and the distance covered. Zepp Z can communicate with GPS and GLONASS satellites, which significantly increases the accuracy of recognizing the path traveled during street training. And through the application in the activity history you can see all the routes of movement with their overlay on the map of the area.

Zepp Z review

Good autonomy

The new product has a 340 mAh battery. If you maintain constant synchronization with your smartphone, receive notifications and track all health indicators, the watch will discharge by an average of 8-9% per day. In training mode, which requires communication with satellites, the device will work for 30 hours. Autonomy can be extended by selecting an energy saving preset in the settings, which seriously reduces the functionality of the gadget. The device is charged wirelessly – using a cradle with a soft-touch coating, which is integral with the cable. Let’s note the disadvantage: the accessory has a very weak magnet, which makes it difficult to properly combine it with the watch. Charging the battery through a 10 W power supply from 0 to 100% takes 1 hour 25 minutes.

Zepp Z Review


45.9 x 45.9 x 10.75 mm
40 grams (without strap)
case – titanium alloy
strap – leather
1.39 inches, AMOLED, 454×454, 326 pixels per inch, 550 nits
340 mAh
Bluetooth 5.0 LE, GPS, GLONASS
heart rate monitor, pulse oximeter, air pressure sensor, gyroscope, accelerometer, geomagnetic sensor
90 workout modes, 5ATM waterproof, stress measurement, Zepp app


The new Zepp product differs from its competitors in its high quality of workmanship. The device adequately performs all its intended functions. However, the gadget lacks the ability to respond to notifications and calls, which are found in budget models. Otherwise, the watch boasts good battery life, correct monitoring of health indicators and many sports modes.

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Zepp Z Review