In addi­tion to Xiao­mi Mi Band 4, the com­pa­ny intro­duced a new smart watch Amaz­fit Health Watch.

This is the first Chi­nese device that can mea­sure ECG (!). The pro­pri­etary Huang­shang No.1 proces­sor is respon­si­ble for the oper­a­tion of the gad­get. Peking Uni­ver­si­ty doc­tors say the new Amaz­fit mea­sure ECG with an accu­ra­cy of 97.24%.

The Chi­nese obvi­ous­ly took the idea from Apple

In addi­tion, the nov­el­ty received a Bio­Track­er PPG track­er that tracks heart rate.

With con­stant use, Amaz­fit Health Watch runs on a sin­gle charge up to 7 days. This is twice (if not three times) more than the Apple Watch.

The cost of Amaz­fit Health Watch was 1299 yuan or 120 $. It is not known if this watch will be released out­side of Chi­na. They are not cur­rent­ly sold on AliExress. [MyDrivers]