Mi Watch Lite is the second Xiaomi smartwatch available in EU. They received a modern design, GPS and many training modes. However, their cost is not much different from classic fitness bracelets. The new product looks promising, but is it so good in everyday use?

Familiar design

In promotional photos, the Mi Watch Lite strongly resembles an Apple watch. However, in real life they can hardly be confused. The body of the Xiaomi gadget is more square and is made entirely of polycarbonate with a matte finish. The black version came for review, but there are also options in white and blue. The rounded corners of the display give the new product an elegant look and make it convenient for daily use.

The strap is made of soft silicone. If necessary, it is easy to replace: five fasteners are available in different colors. The buckle is classic – plastic. The device weighs 31 grams, so you can hardly feel it on your hand. Compared to most modern smartwatches, Mi Watch Lite looks compact. The only physical key was placed on the right side. It is needed to return to the main screen, open a menu or activate the screen.

Xiaomi Mi Watch Lite Review

The protective glass easily collects fingerprints and dust, but cleans just as quickly: just one touch on any soft cloth is enough. The only controversial design point relates to the display location. It fits into the body asymmetrically: there is a thick chin at the bottom, and a thinner frame at the top. It doesn’t look too pretty, but due to the black interface and mostly dark dials, it’s not too noticeable.

Budget screen

The Mi Watch Lite has a modest TFT touch display. Although the vendor does not specify the technology used, by all indications it is TN. After all, when you turn your hand, the picture fades at angles, the black depth is average, and the image is not as rich as that of IPS matrices. High resolution: 320×320 pixels. With a diagonal of 1.4 inches, the panel produces a dense picture. The text does not break up into pixels, notifications are easy to read. The screen is large enough to comfortably view notifications and track workout results. Many messages are visible without additional scrolling. All information is completely contained on one page.

The brightness of the matrix is ​​high, so even on a sunny day, visibility in the sun is excellent. There is an automatic brightness adjustment sensor, which is rarely equipped with inexpensive smart accessories. The new product does not receive the Always On Display function, but it can turn on the display when the user raises his hand.

Xiaomi Mi Watch Lite Review

Full set of sensors

The watch, in addition to counting steps and calories, supports 11 sports modes, continuous heart rate monitoring, a PAI activity analysis system, assessment of stress and sleep quality, and also offers breathing assistance. There is also a barometer to determine changes in atmospheric pressure.

The main pride of Mi Watch Lite is the built-in GPS and GLONASS systems. Modules are needed to accurately track distance and record routes while running and cycling. During such training, you don’t have to take your smartphone with you, relying solely on your watch. The Xiaomi gadget is completely waterproof and can withstand immersion to a depth of 50 meters. The model is convenient to use in the pool to measure heart rate while swimming.

Xiaomi Mi Watch Lite Review

For each workout, you can set a goal: distance, duration or number of calories burned. The accuracy of the measurements is decent: GPS regularly records the location, the error of the pedometer does not exceed a couple of percent, the heart rate monitor correctly displays the heart rate.

Slow but easy to use

The Xiaomi Wear application is responsible for synchronizing with the phone. The utility’s interface is simple and convenient. In it you can view physical activity statistics, configure the gadget, track workouts and change the appearance of the interface. There are 120 watch faces available for download. True, it can be difficult to select a beautiful classic screen: many options look too specific.

Xiaomi Mi Watch Lite Review

The watch runs its own OS, so you cannot install third-party utilities. The speed of the system can hardly be called lightning fast. The display has a slow response: sometimes it is not immediately clear whether the screen has responded to a press. The situation is aggravated by the lack of kinetic scrolling and the low speed of interface rendering. The developers have removed all animations, so the device seems slow. There can be no talk of any smoothness of the interface.

Controlling the gadget is simple. Swiping up opens the notification center, down – the quick settings curtain, left or right – switches between application widgets that are configured on the smartphone.

The watch is not designed for conversation and is not equipped with a speaker or microphone. They only allow you to reject the call. Additional features include music control, phone search and a flashlight that turns the screen brightness to maximum.

Solid autonomy

Mi Watch Lite with moderate use will last up to 9 days without recharging. During the week of testing, the watch was constantly synchronized with the mobile phone, received all notifications, and monitored health indicators. In this case, the screen brightness was adjusted automatically. There were also several hour-long bike rides with GPS turned on. Plus a couple of hours of tennis, which was tracked by the accessory as a random workout. With such an active scenario, the gadget was discharged by 90% in seven days. The battery capacity is 230 mAh. The device is charged in a cradle with two contacts. Full energy replenishment takes about 2 hours.

Xiaomi Mi Watch Lite Review


41 x 35 x 10.9 mm
21 grams (without strap)
bracelet – plastic, removable strap – silicone
1,4″, TFT, 320×320, 323 ppi
230 mAh
heart rate monitor, accelerometer, gyroscope, GPS and GLONASS
5 ATM water resistance, constant heart rate monitoring, stress level detection, sleep monitoring, tracking 11 types of workouts


Xiaomi Mi Watch Lite is an inexpensive smartwatch for everyday wear and sports. The new product, thanks to the built-in GPS sensor, tracks workouts without the help of a smartphone. The accessory holds a charge for a long time and pleases with its laconic design. Among the minuses, we note the low quality of the screen and the slow operation of the system. But the affordable price smooths out all the shortcomings of the gadget.