Technique as a gift is good because it will please for a long time. Care cosmetics – all kinds of gels, foams, etc. enough for a couple of months, and the guy will use the gadget for several years. In addition, now you can buy products for almost any purpose. And the prices are very different – it is possible to pick up a gift that fits into any budget.

Smart watch

A smart watch would be a good gift for a technically advanced guy on Valentine’s Day. If a young person is a fan of the apple ecosystem, he will surely be delighted with the latest update from Apple – the 6th series gadget. The new smart watch has a pulse oximeter that monitors the oxygen content in the blood. The manufacturer also updated the processor and operating system.

  What to give a guy for Valentine's Day from digital technology

A brutal young man who rejects unisex gadgets will love the Huawei GT smartwatch. They have a strict, classic design, the AMOLED screen is covered with scratch-resistant glass. A compass will help you not to get lost in the forest, you won’t have to open your wallet at the checkout of the store once again due to the presence of NFS. The manufacturer has several models that have similar functionality, but differ greatly in price: GT, GT2, GT2 Pro, GT2 e.

Closes the list of brands that are well-known, Samsung. The manufacturer’s smart watches are on par with Huawei in terms of design and functionality. They are preferred by fans of Samsung technology. Also, by the way, there is a good selection of models, markedly different price tag.

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The new iPhone is certainly good. As a gift idea for a guy on Valentine’s Day, you can consider it, but most Ukrainian girls cannot afford a gift worth more than $ 1000. More affordable options are Samsung and Huawei. The flagships of these manufacturers even surpass the iPhone in some respects. Another plus of Asians is the presence of many models in the range of 5-100$ UAH.

gift for boyfriend on february 14

When choosing a smartphone for your loved one, it makes sense to pay attention to how he uses his mobile phone. He likes to play, shoot videos, take pictures, listen to music – all this must be taken into account. For many, the presence of NFS and a powerful battery is important: so that there are enough hours for 16. Another important aspect is practicality. On some smartphones, the glasses crack after the first fall, while others, with the same protection, retain a presentable appearance for years.

An original gift will be a smartphone with a stylus. An electronic pen allows you to draw, edit diagrams and documents, use your phone as a notepad. A creative person will certainly need such a gadget.

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game console

Races, shooters and other virtual fun help relieve stress after a hard day. If you are thinking what to give a gamer for Valentine’s Day, the guy will be happy with the game console. In this niche, 3 brands are most relevant: PlayStation, Xbox, Nintendo.

For many game consoles are associated with the PlayStation. Under this brand, devices are sold that are 100% tailored for games. At the beginning of 2021, you can buy 2 models:

  • 4 Pro is designed for avid gamers;
  • 4 Slim – simpler.

for Valentine's Day to your beloved boyfriend

Xbox One is a product from Microsoft. Versions of games that come with the console can be installed on a computer. Xbox is well suited not only for gambling pastime, but also for watching movies. It even has a Blu-ray drive.

The top three closes the Nintendo Switch. The main advantage of the device over more famous competitors is its portability: the set-top box can be taken with you to the country, on a business trip.

It makes sense to choose a prefix for the holiday of lovers if a young man knows how to allocate his time. Otherwise, there is a chance that games will crowd out more useful activities from his routine.

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Hair on the husband’s face can be irritating. But, if it is not possible to persuade a loved one to shave off his beard, it makes sense to give him a trimmer – a device that allows you to qualitatively cultivate the contours of the cheekbones and chin. When choosing, you should pay attention to the following points:

  1. Power can be mains, battery or combined. Network trimmers are more powerful than cordless trimmers, but inferior to them in mobility.
  2. Nozzles are adjustable and fixed length, in a set. Adjustable ones often break, so several ordinary accessories are better than one “advanced” one.
  3. Ceramic blades are better than metal blades, but trimmers equipped with them usually belong to the class of professional devices and are expensive. The optimal shape of the cutting part is T-shaped.
  4. Various tricks like a laser pointer and vacuum hair suction are impractical and short-lived.

Give your boyfriend a Valentine's Day gift

Of the reputable brands, Moser and Philips products are in good demand. The range of trimmers is not limited to beard trimmers: you can buy a MOSER model for trimming hairs in the nose and ears.

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When choosing what to give your boyfriend for Valentine’s Day, you don’t have to get hung up on expensive options. After all, the main thing in this business is attention. You can, for example, stop at the headphones.

valentine's day gift

When choosing them, it is worth considering:

  1. Lifestyle of a young man. Maybe the gadget will be useful to him for studying, or he likes to listen to music, play sports, play on the computer, etc.
  2. The second important aspect is what device the headphones will work from: from a smartphone, computer, TV.
  3. Design, ease of use.
  4. Wired or wireless.
  5. Various chips like noise reduction.

Finally, here is a small top of gifts with an approximate range of prices in UAH:

When choosing a gadget for a guy on the most romantic holiday of February, it does not hurt to get an outside opinion on the option you like. For example, consult a male relative who is “in the know”. Or read online reviews. It happens that stores offer expensive items of mediocre quality, or vice versa – for little money they make it possible to buy good-quality equipment.

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