At the last presentation on September 7, the Cupertino team showed a minor update for the current Apple Watch line. This model was given a little time, because there really are not so many differences from its predecessor.

To the point: What is the difference between Apple Watch Series 8 and Apple Watch SE 2

Now we will understand all the features of the novelty and see who will benefit from such an acquisition.

What has changed in Series 8 compared to Series 7

◉ The main difference between the models is the number of measuring sensors. New added temperature sensor. The user has access to regular measurement with a frequency of once every 5 seconds.

The previous generation of watches did not have this capability and only supported heart rate, ECG and blood oxygen saturation.

◉ Another notable difference was car accident recognition system. The gadget understands that the owner got into an accident and can record the type of accident by notifying relatives and emergency services.

The previous generation can only understand the fall of the user and predict arrhythmia based on the pulse readings.

◉ New clock Apple Watch Series 8 work under the control updated processor Apple S8. Cupertino did not pay attention to the chip at the presentation, and later it turned out that it uses the same central processor. The same chip is used in Apple Watch7 and Apple Watch6.

AT Apple Watch Series 7 processor is installed Apple S7which perfectly copes with all daily tasks.

◉ The set of available body colors is different. Apple Watch Series 8 in an aluminum case, they can be painted in black (midnight), white (silver), gold (starlight) and red (Product RED). Steel models received three colors: black (graphite), white (silver) and gold (gold).

Older model Apple Watch Series 7 available in colors: dark night, shining star, blue, green and red (for aluminum versions), silver and black (for steel) and space black and natural for titanium.

What hasn’t changed in Series 8 compared to Series 7

◈ Cupertino did not change the design and dimensions of the case. Users already received a noticeable update last year, the novelty of this fall does not look different from its predecessor.

The body dimensions are: 352 x 430 mm (for model with 41 mm display) and 396 x 484 mm (for model with 45 mm display).

◈ The display has not changed. It’s still the same screen that occupies most of the front panel with technology support always-on and maximum brightness 1000 nits. Permission is 352 x 430 mm in the younger model and 396 x 484 mm at the eldest.

Matrix 20% larger than Apple Watch SE second generation or older Apple Watch5.

◈ The hull protection remains the same. The gadget can withstand deep diving up to 50 meters. Dustproof as standard IP6X.

◈ The autonomy of the gadget has not changed. It’s all the same 18 hours of work in mixed mode. The transition to a new chip did not affect the operating time without recharging.

◈ Shown in presentation power saving mode will not be an exclusive feature of new products and will appear on all devices after updating to Watch OS 9.

◈ Available on both devices 32 GB memorythere are modules Wi-Fi with support for 5 GHz networks and bluetooth 5.0.

◈ The set of sensors has not changed either: accelerometer, gyroscope, light sensor, GPS and U1 chip for precise positioning of the model (does not work in EU).

Who Should Upgrade to Apple Watch Series 8


The gadget has a minimal set of differences from the previous generation watches. Externally, the devices look the same, but inside there is a fairly similar set of sensors and software chips.

If you have an Apple Watch Series 7, there is practically no reason to upgrade. Temperature measurement is not necessary for everyone, and an accident detection system will be in iPhone 14/14 Pro.

If you have an Apple Watch Series 6 or below, you can consider the new watch as the 7th generation, and the 8th. At the same time, the autumn novelty is inferior in terms of the set of available colors. Fans of the blue or green case will have to choose last year’s gadget.

If you don’t already have an Apple Watchthere is a chance to save. Choose last year’s Series 7 with a minimum of differences (PCT versions are still sold) or a slightly simplified model Apple Watch SE 2. See all its differences with the novelty here.

It will be interesting to read your opinion on the new Series 8 line in the comments.