The most mysterious novelty of the first autumn presentation of Apple was the updated watch Apple Watch7.

In addition to the fact of the presentation of a new generation device and its some distinctive features, almost nothing was said about the Apple Watch 7. The exact specifications of the device are still not available on the official Apple website, the start date of sales and prices in EU are unknown.

We have collected all available information to compare the watch with the previous generation Apple Watch 6.

1. Appearance

◉ The main difference of the new watch is enlarged display. At the same time, the dimensions of the gadget remained practically unchanged, but the frames around the matrix became even thinner.

There are no exact dimensions of the new display yet, but, according to the developers, its area will be 20% larger than that of the Apple Watch 6 and as much as 50% larger than that of the Apple Watch 3.

This innovation makes it possible to more text on the watch screen, and the interface elements will look larger. Here, the developers cheated a little, because the new watch uses a reduced line spacing. With the same success, it was possible to increase the amount of text on the screen of all watches of previous generations.

◉ Seriously changed protective glass. It 50% thicke in the central part of the screen, and the form itself is different from its predecessors. This makes the Apple Watch 7 the most durable Apple Watch ever.

◉ Another screen indicator that has changed is brightness in Always On mode. Now the clock with a static picture will work 70% brighter. The brightness in normal operation has not changed.

2. Hardware and performance

The main disappointment during the presentation of the updated Apple watch was the scarce story about the power of the new gadget. Cupertinians resort to such a trick to hide a modest increase in the power of the gadget, or even in the absence of it.

◉ Later, enthusiasts confirmed their fears that the seventh generation watches will receive last year’s processor. This information was found in the code of the new watchOS.

Most likely, the rejection of the new chip is caused by a shortage of components and the inability to make updated hardware for a non-priority Apple gadget.

The power of last year’s chip is already enough with the head, so you should not worry about the performance of the new product. The only frustrating thing is that the 2021 watch will age at the same time as the 2020 Apple Watch.

3. Other chips

◉ For the first time, Apple watches received protection not only from moisture ingress into the case, but also from small particles. The gadget meets the standard IP6xwhich guarantees complete protection of the shell from dust ingress.

◉ There will be five available colors in the watch line:

dark night – a shade of gray that will look different depending on the lighting;
shining star – some mixture of white and gold colors;
blue – universal color for blue iPhone 13 and blue iPhone 13 Pro;
red – typical Product RED;
green – an interesting color that is a year late and will fit the iPhone 12 Pro.

◉ Apple Watch 7 will come with new charger. The charging cable is meter long, and the connector instead of USB-A was replaced with Type C. The power adapter is not included. After the start of sales of Apple Watch 7, the new cable will be bundled with the officially sold Apple Watch 3 and SE.

◉ Reduced gadget charging time. Now in 45 minutes it will be possible to replenish the battery level 0 to 80%. It is approximately 33% fasterthan the Apple Watch 6. The charging time for older watches with the new charger will not change.

Now you can quickly charge the watch to track sleep. Eight minutes on a charge is enough for tracking in night mode for about 8-10 hours.

◉ Of the software innovations, it is worth noting new training mode for cyclists. Apple Watch 7 will be able to independently recognize this type of activity, and in the event of a fall, an SOS message will be automatically sent.

◉ Enlarged display allowed to add to watchOS full virtual keyboard to enter text. There is even support for swipe input, but not for European (as in iOS).

◉ Along with the new watch, according to tradition, presented and updated line of straps. This year, users will receive 43 new models in different collections. Luckily, they are all compatible with previous generation watches.

All differences briefly

As you already understood, the update turned out to be quite minor. The gadget has not received a new processor, which means that performance and autonomy will remain at the same level.

▶ The main difference can be safely called 20% larger display and 40% smaller bezels around the screen.

▶ Increased brightness in always-on screen mode by 70%.

▶ The case is now additionally protected against dust according to the standard IP6x.

▶ The charging speed of the gadget has decreased by 33%.

There is no official launch date yet. It is known that the clock will appear later this fall. Watch prices in America will be as follows:

Apple Watch 3$199;
Apple Watch SE$279;
Apple Watch7$399.

Other watch models after the start of sales of Apple Watch 7 will not be sold on the official Apple website. As always, only aluminum versions of the Apple Watch 7 will be available in EU. We will not be able to legally buy any steel or titanium modifications and watches with a built-in eSIM.

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