A veteran of wearable sports gadgets began to actively press young and daring competitors.

What is a veteran?

Garmin was founded in 1989 and is well known as a supplier of GPS hardware and related software, as well as a manufacturer of wearable sports computers. That is, the company is heard by professionals, including professional athletes, which is not surprising. Already in 2003, its range included the Forerunner 101/201 watch, which measured heart rate, running speed, distance, time, height and pace.

12 years – a huge experience in the technology industry and an impressive amount of information collected about the training of athletes, which now works for the benefit of ordinary people too.

The company began to explore the consumer market on all fronts at once, offering devices in the most relevant categories: among simple activity trackers and smart watches. In addition, she also has a flagship, which is an alloy of the two mentioned accessories and a powerful sports computer. It is also a really cool and versatile watch for any style of clothing and lifestyle.

Intrigued? Then scroll down the page and you will find out what is so unique about Garmin Fenix ​​3, vivofit 2 and vivoactive.

Garmin vivofit 2

It seems to be a basic activity tracker, but if you look closely, compare with competitors, a number of interesting and important features of the device catches your eye.


The accessory will count your steps, track your sleep, take into account the number of calories burned and meticulously store all data in a proprietary client for iOS, Android, Mac and PC, as well as in the Garmin Connect cloud service. In addition, the tracker gently encourages the user to increase the amount of physical activity. It motivates by automatically setting simple but interesting tasks and goals, it signals that it’s time to get moving and you shouldn’t sit on your fifth point all day.

The better competitors:

  • You don’t need to charge the tracker at all. A replaceable battery lasts for a year or more.
  • There is a constantly active built-in backlit display that displays information about the current time, the number of steps taken and other related data.
  • Supports ANT+ heart rate monitors.
  • You can adjust your individual stride length, which improves the accuracy of your activity count.
  • High-quality strap with a clasp – it is impossible to accidentally lose the tracker.

Who suits. To all users who think that it is time to start monitoring their physical activity, move more and change their lives for the better, but are not ready to spend more than 100 $ on additional equipment. By itself, the tracker will not change anything, of course, but it will become a good incentive and motivator for action.

The better Apple Watch. The fact that vivofit 2 works for a year without changing batteries, it has a constantly active display (in any situation, you can find out the time without unnecessary gestures and clicks) and the accessory monitors the quality of sleep. As an activity tracker, the gadget can 100% replace the Apple Watch thanks to the support of external heart rate monitors. As a smart watch will not replace, but after all, the solution from Garmin is three times cheaper.

Garmin vivo active

Garmin’s first foray into traditional smartwatches was more than successful. In addition to notifications from a smartphone, support for additional dials, third-party applications and watch functions, the company has provided users with an almost complete sports computer.


At the same time, the novelty turned out to be really thin, only 8 mm. But inside, in addition to a capacious battery, there is also its own GPS module. That is, the watch is able to save the route of a run or trip without the need for a smartphone nearby. All this is spiced up with an always-active color display and an impressive autonomy of up to seven days (or 10 hours when using GPS).

The better competitors:

  • Really thin body.
  • Built-in GPS module.
  • Full functionality of an activity tracker.
  • Advanced sports computer capabilities (support for external ANT+ sensors, professional tracking of cycling, swimming, running and even golfing, GPS tracking).
  • Always active color display and a week of autonomy.

Who suits.

People who want to use one device instead of three separate ones: smart watch, activity tracker, sports computer. Moreover, vivoactive is not a compromise, but fully plays the role of the mentioned accessories. A good and much more functional alternative to Pebble for sports users.

The better Apple Watch.

Autonomy (week versus day), always active display, more opportunities as a sports assistant.

Garmin Fenix ​​3

The flagship sports computer, which is also a high-quality smart watch. Moreover, this is a universal device that supports more than a dozen sports disciplines, useful in expeditions, traveling to the ends of the world and climbing mountains. It is difficult to find a more functional wrist device.


A striking feature of the Garmin Fenix ​​3 is the fact that, with all its rich sports capabilities, the watch has retained very compact dimensions (2 mm thinner and 9 g lighter than the previous record holder – Fenix ​​2) and has a very attractive design. With a rubber strap, this is a bright wrist accessory for lovers of an active lifestyle and extreme entertainment. With a steel bracelet Fenix ​​3 are good even with a business suit. Customizable notifications from your smartphone, installation of third-party applications and additional watch faces, functions of a traditional watch, activity tracking – all this is also there.

The better competitors:

  • Support for 17 sports disciplines.
  • Always active backlit color display.
  • Powerful autonomy up to 40 days.
  • Water resistant to a depth of 100 m.
  • Built-in GPS module and altimeter.
  • Direct Wi-Fi connection with proprietary Garmin Connect service for synchronization. That is, you do not need to carry a smartphone with you.

Who suits.

Active people, athletes, climbers, frequent tourists and anyone who needs maximum functionality from a wrist gadget, which is completely independent of a smartphone.

The better Apple Watch.

Versatility – compatible with all current platforms. Autonomy and always active display. Complete independence from the smartphone during training. Significantly more serious physical security and sports functionality.