Everyone thought the new Pebbles would go on sale today. You will definitely not see the finished product this month. Instead, the developers at 18:00 world time launched a fundraising campaign on Kickstarter. The required amount of 500 thousand dollars was collected in a record 15 minutes for all crowdfunding projects. And for the first hour dripped 2 million dollars.

People’s investments close on March 28, and in May, investors will receive their “dividends” in the form of the third generation of truly smart Pebble watches.

Let me remind you that two years ago the first model raised $10 million. No one knows how much the piggy bank will replenish now, because the start of sales of a direct competitor in the face of the Apple Watch can happen just the other day.

Let’s take a look at Pebble Time (now the clock is called so) more.

The first thing that catches your eye – display based on technology color electronic paper. Its advantage over LCD and OLED is its minimal power consumption. More than 7 days on a single charge can work Pebble. The same 4 buttons were preferred to touch control.


Second, the watch has a microphone. No speaker. The user can send voice commands or responses through various messengers (Facebook, Whatsapp, Viber). Android users have more voice control options than iOS users. But the manufacturer promises that appropriate work is underway to ensure compatibility with as many devices as possible.


Thickness Pebble Time 9.5mm.
For comparison, the first Pebble – 11.5 mm, Pebble Steel – 10.5 mm.


Those who do not like the standard silicone strap can buy something more interesting from craftsmen. Today on eBay for the first two models there is a huge range of straps for every taste – from rag to leather. In the third generation, to replace the accessory, just press the detach button, like on the Apple Watch. From now on, no screws.


In addition, the watch is equipped with a smart port for connecting various sensors in the strap form factor, but, alas, Apple has already managed to stake out the clearing with the corresponding patent. “Apple” lawyers can simply prohibit Pebble from using this approach in hours. Although, on the other hand, half of all promises made on Kickstarter never come true.


The watch is available for pre-order in three colors.

  • Version “Zavulon”: all black-black, including the PVD coating of the case.
  • Version “Geser”: with white strap, case and matt silver bezel with PVD stainless steel.
  • Version “Chapaev”: like the version of “Geser”, only all red.


We thought about the interface design for a long time. It is argued that even a child will understand the menu items. From now on, any screen changes are accompanied by animation.

You can respond to SMS with preset phrases, such as “Everything is OK” or “I love you, your gentle beast.” A huge number of notifications are supported for both Android and iOS.

Ready to part with money? Welcome to Kickstarter.

$159 – The first 10,000 hours are over.
$179 – only 20,000 copies. Retail price will be $199.
Various combinations and discounts for wholesalers are also available, which can be found on the campaign page.