Most smart watch concepts from Apple comes down to a futuristic-looking bracelet that would be appropriate during sports, but would not become a companion of a business person who, by the nature of his activity, has to wear a classic suit. But the Hungarian designer tried to solve this problem by presenting his vision of a truly stylish smartwatch that, among other things, uses a classic leather strap.

Although this concept is not another variation on the theme iWatchdesigner Gabor Balog managed to create an attractive device that, behind a more or less classic appearance, hides quite technological stuffing and a full-fledged display. A genuine smart watch is hidden in a traditional steel case with a leather strap. The original model was created Triwa and got the name Havana Nevil Brown. With the permission of the manufacturer, Balogh began to create his own concept of smart watches, the difference of which lies solely in the electronic dial, as well as the touch frame around the protective glass.

At the same time, the watch is deprived of a touch display, and in addition to the traditional controls, the touch frame mentioned above is used. However, smartwatches boast a full range of features that are typical for such devices: notifications, navigation, fitness options and many other features fit into a smartwatch that looks in the best traditions of classic mechanical watches. If desired, judging by the image, you can display standard arrows on the display and completely hide the possibilities of a wrist gadget from others.

Perhaps, many users who do not like the modern-sporty look of current models of such devices would like to see Apple’s iWatch as such. In addition to the Hungarian designer, whose work is still just a concept, a similar idea is being promoted in Pebble, judging by the announced new smartwatch models. And what watch would you prefer to see on your hand, friends? [Behance]