In the first para­graph of this short note, I had to tell you how pop­u­lar smart­watch­es have become today and how many of these acces­sories were pre­sent­ed at the CES 2014 world tech exhi­bi­tion. Then be sure to com­plain about your COOKOO watch and vice ver­sa praise the man­u­fac­tur­er Peb­ble. In the end, of course, I would remem­ber Apple, which could show every­one an exem­plary gad­get, as it did with its iPhone 2G. What should be such a gad­get? Maybe the design­er Mar­tin Hayek (Mar­tin Hajek) has an answer to this ques­tion. With the iPhone 5c six months ago, he already hit the bul­l’s-eye.

Mar­tin is sure that so far no one has seen a sin­gle part of the “smart” watch­es, which, accord­ing to rumors, are hard at work at Apple. In his opin­ion, if the iWatch project is ever launched, then two mod­els of the wrist acces­so­ry will appear on sale at once.

He named the first iWatch S. This is a more advanced mod­el with pow­er­ful tech­ni­cal char­ac­ter­is­tics and one or two “killer fea­tures” that are not found in cheap­er smart­watch­es from Apple.

iWatch S is per­fect for iPhone 5s own­ers. The main body of the smart watch is made of alu­minum and glass, the strap is com­plete­ly leather. Of course, there are sev­er­al col­or options. Guessed? That’s right — black and gray (aka Space Gray), white and gold.

iWatch C by anal­o­gy with the iPhone 5c, these are smart­watch­es that are slight­ly cheap­er than the flag­ship mod­el. With­out pay­ing a hun­dred dol­lars, you get a case made of glass and high-qual­i­ty plas­tic, as well as a rub­ber or rub­ber strap.

Choose, friends, what do you like? In the mean­time, I’ll go and put my Peb­bles on charge. []