Software type: Daily programs
Developer/Publisher: Oybek Rakhimov/iHoops
Version: 1.0
iPhone + iPad: $0.99 [iTunes link]

When I started the applicationTalking clock” or Hour Prompterif in the English version, then for some reason a long time ago, in childhood, a read work surfaced in my head Clifford SimakWhat could be easier than time“. A classic of world science fiction and simply a chic creation of a great science fiction writer, who has a lot to learn from modern graphomaniacs who stretch one idea into thousands of pages, of course, has nothing to do with the program. Nevertheless, the association turned out to be very interesting, describing the essence of the iHoops development, when even the simplest thing can have a serious impact on everyday life.

Wu “talking clock“There is only one function – to pronounce the current time. The program can do this every hour and every day on a weekly basis, although there is a limitation in the number of voiced hours – they 64. I don’t know what the developer was guided by when defining it, but we will work with what we have.

The program has a very pleasant and easy-to-configure interface, moreover, at the first start, a brief help is shown, which is convenient:

Actually, here is the indirect answer. The artificial limitation is supposed to force the user to think when he really needs the iPhone or iPad to announce the time. Yes, the app is universal and, nicely, there’s even Retina support on the new iPad.

The logic of the interface is simple: choose the day of the week, the time from which to start voicing every hour, and the time by which to do it. Simultaneously with the scrolling of time in the upper scale, scrolling occurs in the lower one, that is, assign “time since“later than”time before”, thus organizing an algorithm that is erroneous for the program will not work. Well, it’s much more convenient than pop-up inscriptions like “You set the time incorrectly.” It seems to be a trifle in the interface, but a pleasant trifle.

After the desired interval is set, just click on the “Save”, after which the already set will be subtracted from the total number of hours available for scoring:

Thus, it is possible once set the program for all days of the week and never come back to it. The application will work in the background and will regularly voice every hour, if there is an installation for that, which was verified by personal experience for two days.

As for dubbing, there are four announcer voices to choose from: two male and two female. The quality is good, but gives a “robot”, although this is a matter of taste. In addition, there is voice acting in European and English. In the first case, the 24-hour format, in the second – 12-hour with AM / PM.

The application is very easy for the system, at least for a couple of days of use it has never been automatically unloaded, and this despite the fact that the toys were launched, the browser and other software. In addition to voice notifications, you can also configure text notifications:

How useful and necessary is such a function as voicing the current time? There are times when you just don’t notice him running. I read on Twitter, watched a video, earned money, but a peppy voice from the iPhone, reporting every hour, can bring you back to reality and sometimes save a lot of nerve cells.


  • universal application with a high-quality interface and Retina support;
  • ease of setup, which needs to be done only once;
  • work effectively in the background.


  • the touch scrolling area in the phone interface is too small, you don’t always hit it with your finger the first time.

What I would add:

  • more voices and less robo-notes in them;
  • alarm function;
  • would remove the limit on the number of hours spoken.
iPhone + iPad: $0.99 [iTunes link]

Usability: 4, Interface: 4, Design: 4+, Price/Quality: 4, Verdict: 4