Nick Hayek keeps his word on competing with the Apple Watch.

Swatch has expanded the capabilities of its watches from the collection Bellamy. One of the main features of these models is the support of NFC technology, thanks to which the owners of Swatch and bank cards Visa be able to make contactless payments. Bellamy does not require an internet connection to work. Swatch has already reached an agreement with the Chinese national payment system UnionPay. Now it was possible to conclude an agreement with Visa, as a result of which residents of the United States, Brazil and Switzerland will be able to pay using the pay-by-the-wrist system.

Swatch Bellamy 1

The new Swatch watch collection will be available for purchase in early 2016. The company will announce the exact start date of sales in addition, as well as the cost of the watch, which is currently known only for China. With a cost of 580 yuan, we can assume that the price of new items will be approximately $91.

Swatch Bellamy 2

What sets the watch apart from the competition is its long battery life, though its capabilities are limited compared to the Apple Watch and Samsung Gear S2. In addition, the question of the security of payments made remained unanswered by Swatch. The company did not clarify whether there is any way to protect against spending money in case of loss or theft of Swatch Bellamy. The company has yet to explain this point in detail. [theverge]