Company swatchknown for its practical Swiss-made watches, today announced its readiness to enter the smart device market.

Within the next three months, the manufacturer of classic bright plastic wrist accessories is preparing to release a smart watch – a real competitor Apple Watch.

This new device will work with NFC and their won’t need to be charged. swatch smart watch will allow users to make mobile payments and work as with Windowsand with android.

We are ready to go head to head with Apple, not allowing it to conquer the smartwatch market alone.

Nick Hayek, CEO of Swatch

According to analyst firm Citigroup Inc. The smartwatch market will reach 10 billion dollars, and half of the current adherents of classic watches, which simply show the time, will go over to the side of smart gadgets. There is something to master and Apple, and Pebble, and Swatch. Still, I think the latter, the appearance will be as unusual as all their lines of wristwatches. [bloomb]