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This is the lowest price in EU, not reflecting the increased dollar. From September everywhere will be significantly more expensive, we warned you.

Jawbone UP2 is the ideal companion for the amateur athlete. We think that this the most successful tracker from Jawbone. And in general, the best sports bracelet on the market in terms of the combination of characteristics. For such money, a great gift for yourself.

Jawbone UP2 and UP3 can:

  • monitor user activity: steps, frequency, movement time, calories;
  • recognize sleep phases by movement in bed and past statistics;
  • wake up at a set time or at a recommended time based on sleep phases;
  • recommend further actions through a proprietary application;
  • keep track of calories consumed (manually).


I want to take Jawbone UP2 and know everything!


The body will say Thanksand you will know how effectively you train. And wake up with a good mood and positive charge for the whole day.