Smart­watch­es are a handy gad­get. For adults, it helps to mon­i­tor phys­i­cal activ­i­ty, stay in touch, even if it is incon­ve­nient to get the phone, and even pay for pur­chas­es through the ter­mi­nal. Chil­dren’s mod­els help par­ents not to wor­ry about the child: to be aware of his loca­tion and plans.

And if such a device mal­func­tions, it upsets. But the arti­cle will help solve most of the trou­bles faced by smart watch own­ers.

smart watch not working

What problems are possible when using smart watches

Usu­al­ly smart watch­es func­tion flaw­less­ly. But there are four com­mon caus­es of smart gad­get fail­ures.

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What breaks down more often in smartwatches?

If the smart­watch refus­es to turn on, the prob­lem is most like­ly in charg­ing. To under­stand if this is the case, you need to try charg­ing the gad­get with anoth­er charg­er. Does not exceed? Then you should check the con­nec­tor on the smart watch. If it is loos­ened, you will have to car­ry the device for repair.

For mod­els that sup­port mag­net­ic fix­a­tion, con­tacts may oxi­dize over time. They can be cleaned up using a reg­u­lar eras­er. Devices with wire­less charg­ing can be charged with anoth­er dock­ing sta­tion. If there is no move­ment, you will need to take the mod­el to a ser­vice cen­ter.

Doesn’t hold a charge

Very capa­cious bat­ter­ies are sim­ply not placed in smart watch­es, due to their com­pact cas­es. That is why most devices last a cou­ple of days on a sin­gle charge.

If the bat­tery runs out quick­ly, you can:

1. reduce screen bright­ness;

2. turn off the always active dis­play mode;

decrease the brightness of the display and turn off the Wi-Fi in the smart watch

3. if the smart watch sup­ports both blue­tooth and Wi-Fi, it is bet­ter to dis­able the sec­ond mod­ule;

4. if the watch has a SIM card and sup­port for mobile Inter­net, it is worth deac­ti­vat­ing it;

5. On Watch GT and sim­i­lar gad­gets, you can turn off GPS.

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Doesn’t sync with smartphone

Some­times the gad­get does not con­nect to the phone, and noti­fi­ca­tions do not come.

Water has entered the smartwatch

Most smart­watch­es, like the W20, are water resis­tant. But it hap­pens that the device has been under water for too long or it has been dropped to a depth that the pro­tec­tion stan­dard does not imply.

smart watch got wet

The faster the user dries the smart watch, the bet­ter. If, after dry­ing, the device does not respond to turn­ing on, does not charge, you need to urgent­ly car­ry it to a ser­vice cen­ter.

Advice: some users rec­om­mend cov­er­ing wet watch­es with rice to absorb excess mois­ture.

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Smart watch does not turn on: what to do?

If the gad­get does not start, this error can be removed. How to do — below.

  • Check the hardware

The first thing to do is to remove the case from the device, check the con­nec­tors, remove dust from the gad­get and ports.

Impor­tant! It is advis­able to use the orig­i­nal charg­er. “Non-native” can harm smart watch­es. But for ver­i­fi­ca­tion it is pos­si­ble to use third-par­ty mem­o­ry.

  • Try turning on the watch while it’s charging

If the Android watch or mod­el with anoth­er oper­at­ing sys­tem does not turn on, you can try to charge the device. After that, you should wait about 15 min­utes and try to acti­vate them.

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smart watch on charge

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  • Plug the charger into a different outlet and repeat step 2

If the pre­vi­ous method did not work, you should con­nect the charg­er to anoth­er source. It can be anoth­er out­let, a com­put­er or a lap­top. Fur­ther it is nec­es­sary to act in the same way as described above.

Why won’t my GPS watch for kids turn on and charge?

The rea­sons for this are the same as with “adult” smart watch­es.

Children’s smart watch does not turn on

It hap­pens that chil­dren’s smart watch­es do not start due to com­plete dis­charge. In this case, you just need to con­nect them to the net­work and wait 10–15 min­utes.

Impor­tant! It is not advis­able to ful­ly dis­charge the bat­tery of chil­dren’s smart watch­es. When only 15% is left, you can already charge.

The charg­er may have bro­ken. In this case, you need to try to recharge the device through a lap­top or use anoth­er charg­er or cable. If it doesn’t help, you will have to take the gad­get in for repair.

The watch may not turn on due to mois­ture. The solu­tion is to dry the device and try to charge it.

  how to put sim card in kids smart watch

Some­times chil­dren’s smart watch­es for chil­dren do not see the SIM card. Most often the rea­son is that it is incor­rect­ly insert­ed. If every­thing is cor­rect, and the SIM card is not dis­played on the dis­play, GPS does not work, there is no net­work, it may be dam­aged. You should try to put anoth­er one.

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As you can see, smart watch­es may not work cor­rect­ly or not turn on at all for many rea­sons. Most prob­lems can be fixed on your own. But in crit­i­cal sit­u­a­tions, you will need to seek help from the work­shop.