This year’s CES 2014 Tech Inno­va­tion Fes­ti­val is lit­tered with all sorts of wear­ables, and it looks like this is just the begin­ning. The first day saw the intro­duc­tion of the June sun bracelet, anoth­er smart bracelet this time called the Raz­er Nabu, and the long-await­ed Peb­ble Steel, the sec­ond iter­a­tion of the most pop­u­lar iPhone smart­watch. The past year did not rest on its lau­rels and the cre­ators of anoth­er inter­est­ing gad­get — watch with alerts COOKOO Watch, which pre­sent­ed two new mod­els at once. At the same time, one of them was made much more “smart” than the orig­i­nal smart watch from Con­nect­eDe­vice.

The first nov­el­ty from the man­u­fac­tur­er COOKOO watch has a con­cise name with­out any Watch, Smart and the like, its name is COGITO. The mean­ing of this word is not dif­fi­cult to unrav­el, it is part of the state­ment of the French philoso­pher Rene Descartes “Cog­i­to, ergo sum” (“I think, there­fore I am”). And there is a clear log­ic to this.

Pre­vi­ous­ly, many peo­ple scold­ed the COOKOO smart­watch for the fact that it was impos­si­ble to see any infor­ma­tion about the noti­fi­ca­tion on their screen, only icons were dis­played on it. Thus, you always had to go into your pock­et for a smart­phone, even when an annoy­ing boss called. COGITO is “smarter” than its pre­de­ces­sor, as the top of the dial now has small screen. It is capa­ble of dis­play­ing var­i­ous infor­ma­tion — from the name of the caller to the per­cent­age of iPhone charge.

On the left, the num­ber means the num­ber of mes­sages, on the right, the num­ber of e‑mails

True, there is no ques­tion of the full dis­play of the mes­sage text, as in Peb­ble. What’s up with the watch bat­tery? Actu­al­ly, noth­ing, the bat­tery respon­si­ble for the elec­tron­ics will last a whole year. The sec­ond, which is respon­si­ble for the clock­work, will last three times longer — three years. Anoth­er fea­ture of this mod­el is the abil­i­ty to answer or reject calls direct­ly with the help of smart­watch taps.

List of all Cogito features

Exter­nal­ly, the new “smart” watch has become thin­ner and has received an updat­ed design. In clas­sic black and white col­ors, they look stricter than the first COOKOO. Design­ers placed a steel frame around the dis­play, and the sil­i­cone strap got a per­fo­rat­ed coat­ing.

Six COGITO mod­els will appear on sale at once, which will dif­fer in the col­or of the steel ring around the dial. Of the avail­able col­ors of the strap — black, white and pur­ple. Price COGITO Orig­i­nal — $179.95.

Pro­mo­tion­al video COGITO Orig­i­nal (unin­for­ma­tive, real­ly)

The sec­ond mod­el intro­duced by Con­nect­eDe­vice is called COGITO POP. In short, this is a re-released mod­el of COOKOO watch, with a thin­ner case and slight changes in the posi­tion of the noti­fi­ca­tion icons (they have moved to the top of the dial). All smart­watch but­tons have moved to the right side, now there are three of them, and the left side of the acces­so­ry is freed from any con­trols.

By the way, Cog­i­to has already man­aged to nom­i­nate for the award for design and engi­neer­ing at CES 2014. The main cat­e­go­ry of users for whom these bright­ly col­ored smart­watch­es are intend­ed clear­ly over­laps with the cat­e­go­ry of peo­ple who buy the iPhone 5c. Basi­cal­ly, these are young peo­ple, only a des­per­ate dare­dev­il will put on a COGITO POP suit. Or a hip­ster like me.

By the way, both mod­els, as befits a wrist gad­get, are water­proof at a depth of up to 100 meters. With an iPhone or Android gad­get, COGITO and COGITO POP con­nect using Blue­tooth 4.0 LE, which is famous for its low ener­gy con­sump­tion.

COGITO POP will, for obvi­ous rea­sons, be cheap­er than its old­er broth­er — $129.95. Both mod­els can already be ordered on the offi­cial web­site of the new COGITO smart­watch fam­i­ly.