Peb­ble smart watch­es are not in vain called the most advanced among such acces­sories. They are capa­ble of hold­ing a charge for a record amount of time, ful­ly work with the iOS 7 noti­fi­ca­tion sys­tem, and also have a huge com­mu­ni­ty of enthu­si­asts, thanks to which a large num­ber of screen­savers and even appli­ca­tions are avail­able for Peb­ble. Of course, these smart­watch­es also have dis­ad­van­tages — this is the lack of sup­port for the Euro­pean lan­guage and incon­ve­nient mag­net­ic charg­ing, which is rather weak­ly attached to the gad­get. The first prob­lem is solved by installing cus­tom firmware with a set of Cyril­lic char­ac­ters, and the sec­ond was con­sid­ered unre­solved until recent­ly. Meet fans of con­ve­nient Peb­ble, here is the most con­ve­nient dock for your smart­watch.

SIDEKICK — This is a minia­ture dock­ing sta­tion for Peb­ble, which has two spe­cial holes on the sides. The com­plete cable is placed in the first of them in such a way that the mag­net­ic plug is at the top of the stand. In this posi­tion, the smart watch con­ve­nient­ly clings to the dock on the side, while Peb­ble is sup­port­ed not only by mag­nets, but also by the strap itself. The cre­ators of SIDEKICK report­ed that they tried straps of dif­fer­ent weights (includ­ing alu­minum) and the smart­watch nev­er fell out of the dock.

The hole on the oth­er side of the mul­ti­func­tion­al dock is designed not only for smart­watch­es, but also for any oth­er cables. For exam­ple, you can put a Peb­ble here that does­n’t need to be charged and keep track of all alerts, or MagSage from a Mac­Book Pro/Air so that it does­n’t fall off the table.

By the way, to the sur­face of the table SIDEKICK “glued” by means of spe­cial micro-suck­ers that make up the mate­r­i­al of the low­er part of the stand. Nei­ther a slight move­ment of the hand, nor a strong kick will move the dock from its place.

Unfor­tu­nate­ly, it will not be pos­si­ble to sup­port the project on Kick­starter and thus pre-order such a dock. The cre­ators of the project have already raised the amount for the start of pro­duc­tion, which exceeds the required six times, and in the spring the dock­ing sta­tions will go and fly to the first buy­ers. In the future you will be able to order SIDEKICK in three col­ors, the price will vary from 17 to 20 US dol­lars. [Kick­starter]