The Samsung Galaxy Watch3 has received a lot of advanced options for monitoring activity and health. But due to legal delays, not all of them were available at the time the device appeared in EU. Now the nuances have been settled, and we can evaluate the new product in the form in which it was intended by the manufacturer.

What was missing?

Functions that were missing from users from Europe and some other countries at the start of sales were ECG recording and blood pressure measurement. The reason is the need to coordinate their activation with government regulatory authorities, which are strict about medical devices. True, legally the Galaxy Watch3 does not belong to such devices. Samsung also warns about this – appropriate prompts are displayed on the watch and in the satellite application during measurements.

The process of taking a cardiogram takes about 30 seconds on average. All you have to do is follow the instructions on the watch screen: tighten the strap tightly on one hand, place the finger of the other on the top side button and hold still for half a minute. After this, the gadget will show the ECG result and a brief explanation of it. Sometimes difficulties arise – the Galaxy Watch3 is very picky about the slightest movements and vibrations during measurements. Even under ideal conditions, when it is possible to sit still, not every attempt is successful. Also, the Samsung Health Monitor application must be installed on the smartphone and a SIM card with access to the mobile Internet is required – just connecting via Wi-Fi is not enough to take an ECG.

Samsung Galaxy Watch3 review

Blood pressure measurements require prior calibration of the watch using a blood pressure monitor. Otherwise, the process differs little from receiving the same cardiogram – you need to sit down and not move or talk for about 30 seconds. All results will be stored in the Samsung Health Monitor log, through which you can view the history and share the data with other people.

Full set of measurements

Of course, the Galaxy Watch3 is capable of more than just ECG and blood pressure measurements. As befits a flagship device, they are equipped with a wide arsenal of sensors that help monitor various indicators of the body. This includes measuring heart rate, sleep duration and quality, blood oxygen saturation levels and physical activity.

Samsung Galaxy Watch3 Review

Unlike the two new functions, these indicators can be measured continuously, automatically. The same applies to physical exercises – Galaxy Watch3 in most cases correctly recognizes the beginning of activity and begins to keep statistics. In total, the device supports more than thirty types of training. In addition, the watch is equipped with its own GPS module, which allows it to remember routes while running or walking without the help of a smartphone.

There is no such thing as too much software

Samsung has an original approach to interacting with smartwatches. While most manufacturers release one application with the maximum number of functions, the Korean brand offers three programs at once: Galaxy Wearable, Samsung Health and Samsung Health Monitor. All three interact closely with each other, but at the same time have a clear division of responsibilities.

Galaxy Wearable is the standard tool for working with Samsung wearable devices. Through it, the gadget is paired with a smartphone, the display of notifications from instant messengers and other basic actions are configured. There you can also choose a new watch face from an extensive library or install additional applications on your watch.

Samsung Galaxy Watch3 Review

Samsung Health brings together most of the health and activity tracking features. The heart rate monitoring log, sleep statistics and other similar data are collected here. The developers have not forgotten about the social component – the application allows you to share your successes and other information with friends, as well as evaluate their achievements. It has already been said about Samsung Health Monitor that the program is responsible for ECG and blood pressure measurements.

Sleek design and durable body

Galaxy Watch3 is decorated in an adult way. The case is made of steel – if this is not enough for some, there is also a titanium version. The design is strict, serious and close to classic wrist chronometers. The included genuine leather strap only enhances this impression, although it makes the watch unsuitable for swimming training. At the same time, the Galaxy Watch3 case is capable of withstanding immersion to a depth of 50 meters and is certified MIL-STD-810G. The strap fastening is standard – it can be easily replaced with any other one made by Samsung itself or third-party brands.

Galaxy Watch3 is available in two sizes – with a case diameter of 45 and 41 mm. Each option has its own set of colors. The larger modification is sold in EU in black and silver versions, and the compact version is available in black and bronze models.

Samsung Galaxy Watch3 Review

Smart watches – advanced OS

Galaxy Watch3 runs proprietary Tizen OS 5 in combination with the One UI Watch 2 shell. The interface will seem familiar to smartphone owners: there is a main screen where the dial is displayed, and additional desktops where you can display the necessary applications and widgets. There is also a curtain familiar to Android users with quick access to various functions and settings. Tizen OS also received its own Galaxy Store, through which you can install additional programs.

Note that the work with notifications in the system is implemented efficiently. In most cases, you can not only read the text, but also respond to it using short phrases prepared in advance. Or even write a new one – for this, the watch supports both handwriting recognition and an alphanumeric keyboard. The presence of a built-in microphone and speaker allows you to use the Watch3 as a headset if you cannot get a smartphone.

Samsung Galaxy Watch3 Review

A display you want to look at

Galaxy Watch3 is equipped with a round display based on a Super AMOLED matrix. The diagonal depends on the size of the case: the 45 mm version is equipped with a 1.4-inch panel – this is exactly what we tested. The compact version has a 1.2-inch display. The resolution is the same in any case – 360×360 pixels.

The image is clear, without grain or other negative effects. I was also pleased with the behavior of the display outdoors: the brightness margin is such that even on a sunny day the information is clearly readable. We note the high-quality work of automatic brightness adjustment. A nice bonus of using an AMOLED matrix is ​​support for the Always on Display function. Thanks to it, the screen can work constantly. To read a notification or check the time, you don’t have to make a hand gesture every time.

Samsung Galaxy Watch3 Review


It may seem that the Galaxy Watch3 has no flaws at all. This is not true: for the sake of an advanced OS and a high-quality display, we had to cut the battery life. With normal use with constant pairing with a smartphone and the Always on Display function active, a full charge lasts for 1.5-2 days at best. In most situations, you need to recharge your watch as often as your smartphone. Although you can disable most of the features and get a couple more days of battery life, for such a device this is still not much.


46.2 x 45 x 11.1 mm
53.8 g
body – stainless steel and Gorilla Glass
strap – leather
1.4”, Super AMOLED, 360×360
340 mAh
RAM – 1 GB
built-in – 8 GB
Bluetooth 5.0, Wi-Fi 802.11 b/g//n, NFC
GPS, GLONASS, Beidou, Galileo
accelerometer, barometer, gyro sensor, light sensor, optical heart rate sensor
30 workout modes, downloadable watch faces, water resistance up to 50 m (5 ATM), sleep analysis, ECG, blood pressure analysis, Samsung Pay contactless payment support
Samsung Galaxy Watch3 review


Samsung Galaxy Watch3 has come close to the status of a reference smartwatch. The universal design is combined with a reliable design and rich functionality, which has become even more extensive after unlocking the ECG and blood pressure measurements. The only weak point of the device was its modest battery life. However, the number of strengths still outweighs.

After the update, the Samsung Galaxy Watch3 impresses with its feature set and has a great display to boot. And they look organic like an ordinary wristwatch.