In the third quarter, Samsung presented the 4th generation of Galaxy Watch, which included regular models and with the Classic prefix. This time, the Korean company not only introduced fresh hardware, but also took care of expanding the functionality by replacing the Tizen OS with Wear, a time-tested product from Google.

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Key Features of Samsung Galaxy Watch 4

Regular and classic models have the following common characteristics:

The differences are as follows:

The dimensions of the Samsung Galaxy watches of the Watch 4 line cannot be distinguished by eye from the Watch 3. Customers have the opportunity to choose a model depending on the width of the brush. Both versions – regular and classic – are officially positioned as unisex, but a more massive case with a bezel (swivel ring on the dial) is perhaps still more relevant for a man’s hand. Not surprisingly, the classics have a maximum dial diameter and no cheerful colors – pink and olive.

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The filling of the Watch 4 varieties is almost the same. The manufacturer added power to the components: he introduced a new processor, the memory became 1.5-2 times more. The icing on the cake is the new Wear operating system. Its implementation is the result of cooperation between the Korean giant and Google. Classic watches are sold with eSim support. With the help of both models, you can pay for purchases, Samsung Pay technology is implemented. Versions of the 4th generation differ in price by about 1.5 times, which causes some bewilderment.

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Appearance and equipment Galaxy Watch 4

The manufacturer packs both varieties of Watch 4 in the same long boxes of a very presentable appearance. Looks cute, don’t be ashamed to give. On the box, in addition to the name, indicate the size of the product and the availability of LTE, if the communication standard is supported by the model. The package bundle is concise: smart watch, wireless charger, documentation.

On the exterior, the watch is noticeably different:

  • The design of the regular version is more sporty and youthful. The absence of a bezel can be considered a disadvantage in terms of functionality, but such watches look more modern.
  • The brutal look of the classic model hints at premium. The bezel performs 2 main functions: helps in managing the watch, protects the screen glass from scratches. Smart watches look chic not only with a sports suit, but also with a business suit. The display is slightly recessed into the body, and if the watch is placed face down, the screen will not touch the table. The strength of the case is beyond doubt, both models are protected reliably, according to the army standard.

  appearance Watch 4

To control the design of Watch 4, there are two buttons, in this line they have become rectangular, slightly increased in size. The top button can be assigned various commands. On the back side there is an optical sensor made of glass and plastic. The watch comes with a 20mm detachable silicone strap.

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Samsung smart watch display

The difference of 4 mm between the case diameters was the reason for installing two different displays on the watch. The younger model of the classic smart watch has a 1.2” screen with a resolution of 396×396, while the older model has a 1.4” panel with a resolution of 450×450. Regardless of the choice of the buyer, sufficient pixel density is provided.

As for the regular smartwatch Galaxy Watch 4 from Samsung, they have the same displays. The high contrast ratio and bright, saturated colors make the screen a pleasure to use. It is also worth noting the wide viewing angles and energy efficiency of the displays, they do not waste the battery charge. To protect against scratches, the manufacturer used Gorilla Glass.

  Samsung Galaxy Watch 4 screen settings

Impressive screen specifications are complemented by advanced settings. Implemented manual and advanced automatic brightness control, you can adjust the sensitivity of the panel, wake up the display and turn it off. More than 20 dials were initially loaded into the watch’s memory. The Wear operating system makes it possible to diversify their collection using the Google Play store. There is a flashlight function.

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Galaxy Watch 4 software

To fully reveal the functionality of smart watches, they need to be friends with the phone. The best option is when both devices are Samsung. You won’t be able to connect the watch to an iPhone, you can pair the gadget with an Android smartphone from another manufacturer, but there will be limitations in functionality regarding ECG and checking after blood pressure calibration.

The first step is to connect the watch to Galaxy Wearable, an application that is designed to pair headsets, fitness bracelets, smartwatches and other devices with a Samsung phone. With its help, they update the software, receive calls, install dials, configure functionality, etc.

The next relevant program is Samsung Health. The application is preinstalled on Samsung Galaxy smartphones. With it, you can track physical activity, weight, sleep, calories consumed and burned, and more. To measure pressure and ECG, there is a special Samsung Health Monitor program.

Galaxy Watch 4 smart watch functionality

The software provides information on heart rate, SpO2, and stress levels. Nowadays, it is especially important to monitor the level of oxygen in the blood. In the smart watch, the detailing of sports loads works. Advanced options include bioimpedance analysis, which shows the percentage of fat in the body and other data that is useful for people who follow their figure.

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Autonomy Samsung Galaxy

In models with large cases – 44 and 46 mm – batteries with a capacity of 361 mAh are installed, in more compact watches this figure is 247 mAh. In terms of autonomy, the Galaxy Watch 4 from Samsung did not become a breakthrough. As a result of the installation of new hardware, the expansion of functionality and the introduction of a new operating system, the operating time without recharging has even decreased somewhat. Now we are talking about 40 hours, that is, the frequency of recharging – once every 1-2 days, depending on the functionality involved. If you turn off auto-brightness, GPS, and body monitoring, this result can be improved. On the other hand, 40 hours of autonomy is an indicator for a regular model without LTE. Classic watches consume battery resources even faster.

The charging speed is also not impressive: in 30 minutes you can provide 10 hours of battery life. It will take up to 2 hours to fully restore the battery. Weak autonomy is a price for extensive functionality, high processor performance and speed. If you do not monitor sleep, there are no problems with recharging the battery: you can connect the device to power at night next to your smartphone. Office employees have nothing to worry about at all: there is always the opportunity to recharge the battery during the working day.

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Features and functionality of smart watches

In addition to monitoring health, the watch can do a lot:

  1. The manufacturer has not forgotten about the microphone and speaker. You can receive calls, communicate with the interlocutor. The sound quality is comparable to what a smartphone provides with the speakerphone turned on. There are voice notes.
  2. Sending SMS, creating text messages in instant messengers. The screen of a smart watch is much smaller than that of a smartphone, so among the input methods, voice is preferable. Alternative options: keyboard and handwritten.
  3. Pay for purchases using NFC technology.
  4. View the weather forecast.
  5. Setting an alarm clock, timer.
  6. Manage your Galaxy Buds.
  7. Changing the volume of music, flipping tracks.
  8. Viewing google maps. A handy feature for those who like to ride a bike or scooter.
  9. The watch is equipped with a compass, altimeter, mini-barometer, GPS.

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Advantages and disadvantages of Watch 4 smart watches

In the review of the Samsung Galaxy Watch 4, it’s a sin not to paint the pros and cons of the watch. Main advantages:

  1. Modern hardware provides uninterrupted setup, fast application launch.
  2. The new Wear operating system makes it possible to run Google programs on smart watches.
  3. The case and strap are made of high-quality materials.
  4. There are two design options. There are two body sizes for each model.
  5. Bioelectrical impedance analysis is a new feature that allows you to determine the composition of the body. You can find out the proportion of fat, muscle, metabolic rate.


  1. For such a compact gadget, I would still like more battery life.
  2. Watch 4 will not be able to make friends with an iPhone.

Prices for Watch 4, in general, look reasonable. Classic models are expensive, but regular ones are 100% competitive in the niche of premium gadgets. Is it worth switching from the 3rd generation of watches to the 4th? The question is debatable. If you are tired of old smart watches, you want to practice with new software, experiment with innovations, then the transition makes sense.

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