The era of fitness trackers at Samsung began with the budget Gear Fit and reached expensive and advanced gadgets with the Pro prefix. Somewhere between them there is a “golden mean” – an inexpensive and multifunctional “Galaxy Fit”.

  Fitness bracelet Samsung Galaxy Fit

How it looks and what it can do, we analyze in the review of the Samsung Galaxy Fit, which appeared in 2019, but still does not lose popularity.

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Appearance, design, dimensions

Minimalistic and compact, the new “Fit” is made in an oblong plastic case with rounded edges. In the characteristics of Samsung Galaxy Fit, the size is 18.3×45.1×11.2 mm.

On the outside it is a color display, on the inside there is an optical sensor for measuring the pulse. There is a side mechanical key involved in controlling the device. If the button is pressed for 7 seconds, the device will reboot.

The 23-gram gadget is attached to the wrist with a strap. The rubber bracelet does not “fidget” on the skin, is not afraid of moisture and dust. The company claims that the strap materials are hypoallergenic, which means that wearing comfort is ensured.

“Galaxy Fit” is available in black and silver. These are standard bracelets for models of dark and light shades. Straps of other colors can be ordered separately.

  Appearance Samsung Galaxy Fit

If necessary, the halves of the bracelet are unfastened from the case and new ones are attached. Strap width – 13 mm. Designed for a wrist circumference of 14-19 cm.

The manufacturer has provided the ability to swim and take a shower without removing the fitness equipment. The case is protected from moisture and can withstand immersion to a depth of 50 meters. Withstands temperature changes, shocks, scratches and other shocks during use.

Battery and Charging

The fitness tracker is equipped with a fairly durable 120 mAh battery. According to user reviews, it takes an hour and a half to two hours to fully charge, after which the gadget lasts 7-8 days without energizing.

  Charging your Samsung Galaxy Fit fitness band

The Galaxy Fit charger is simple and convenient: a non-removable USB cable, at one end of which there is a docking station, and at the other end it is connected to the power adapter. The bracelet is securely attached to the charger.


The screen is vertical, fully touch. Made using Amoled technology and has a size of 0.95″, a resolution of 120 by 240 pixels (like Xiaomi Mi Band 4). Bright and contrast enough to read info well even in the sun.

The mirror-smooth screen resists scratches. There is an oleophobic layer: fingerprints appear with less intensity and are easier to remove.

  Screen Samsung Galaxy Fit

The brightness does not automatically adjust to the lighting, but you can dig into the settings and drag the slider to a position from 1 to 10.

The screen in an inactive state is just black, “wakes up” when you press a button or raise your wrist. Tap on the display will not turn on. The dials can be changed to your taste by going to the Wearable proprietary program. There are a lot of options here, unlike Fit e, in which there are only 4 of them.

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Very responsive, works quickly and without lags. There are no animations, only static icon pictures, additionally illustrating the inscriptions on the screen: a type of friction or a notification of a missed call. Color images. The interface supports many languages, including Ukrainian. Navigation is carried out on the screen from right to left and up / down. The mechanical button on the side performs the “Back” function.

When you swipe down from top to bottom, quick settings will open:

  • Do not disturb mode;
  • brightness adjustment;
  • turning off the sensor when swimming;
  • night mode (the bracelet does not vibrate at this time).

“Galaxy Fit” has a larger number of bookmarks that open when scrolling through the screen:

  • brief info about the weather;
  • measuring the level of stress;
  • notification how long the user slept;
  • choice of training;
  • number of steps taken and calories burned.

The bracelet displays notifications of calls and sms. When a call comes in, the fitness tracker vibrates. When a message arrives, you can immediately see which chat it is from, since the recognizable icons of Insta, Viber, Cart, etc. are displayed on the display.

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Features and interaction with a smartphone

“Linking” is available only to one smart phone on Android OS 5.0 or iOS (version 9.0 and newer). Keep in mind that Galaxy Fit is still more “sharpened” to work with its ecosystem. For example, in conjunction with Samsung, sms up to 148 characters are displayed on the bracelet screen, and with iPhone – from 48 to 80 s. But in general, correct work is possible with both operating systems.

Samsung Galaxy Fit with smartphone

Steps, heart rate, stress level, calories burned, sleep – all this is automatically measured by the wrist gadget. It also determines walking, cycling, elliptical track, rowing without manual settings. Up to 10 activities out of 90 offered by the manufacturer can be displayed on the bracelet. The rest need to be run from smart.

For the tracker and mobile phone to work together, you will need to install programs on your phone: Galaxy Wearable (“Galaxy Fit” for iPhone) and Samsung Health. The first is needed to set up the bracelet, the second is to set personal parameters (weight, height, etc.) and adjust fitness activities for yourself. To connect devices, you need to enable Bluetooth on your smart device.

With the help of utilities on smart, you can:

  1. Set / remove widgets on the screen (sleep, stress, calendar, calories, etc.).
  2. Activate the search for the bracelet if you do not know where it was put (the tracker will vibrate to help determine its location).
  3. Adjust the vibration strength of the fitness gadget.
  4. Add or decrease screen brightness.
  5. Change health settings.
  6. Choose from which messengers to display notifications, and from which to prohibit.
  7. Get information about your workouts (duration, calories burned, heart rate, temperature, best performance, etc.).

There are a lot of variations of working with a bracelet via a mobile phone, as well as the possibilities of a fitness tracker: stopwatch, timer, alarm clock. Let us dwell in more detail on the main thing – maintaining good health with the help of a “smart” wrist gadget.

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Overview of health features in Samsung Galaxy Fit:

From the Samsung Galaxy Fit review, it is clear that this is a super-cool gadget for those who want to “keep abreast” of their own health. Will not let you down on land or in water. Will follow the user, no matter what he does: sleep, eat, walk, jump, swim. Due to the stylish appearance, it will make a worthy company with your other fashion accessories.

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