Google is actively promoting the platform Android Wear, but so far cannot boast of great success in this matter. Yes, there are already more than a dozen smartwatches based on it on the market, some companies have released several generations of them, but over the year, according to Canalys, the total sales did not exceed 720 thousand devices. In contrast, analysts predict annual Apple Watch sales at 35 million devices.

Ok, let’s not cheat with the figures regarding the competitor and take into account the fact that devices based on Android Wear have been present on the market in commercial form since the end of June, that is, we actually have sales volume for half a year. But, again, the numbers are not impressive given that Pebble alone shipped about 700,000 of its smartwatches in a year against 720,000 competing gadgets released by a dozen companies.

It is also worth noting that the Moto 360 model turned out to be the most popular smart watch. In general, 4.6 million “smart wearable bracelets” were delivered in 2014, but it does not specify which devices the analytical company means.

It is expected that the Apple Watch will become the engine of progress in the field of wearable gadgets. The company puts a lot of effort into developing the software component of the watch, which is clearly seen in the WatchKit API for developers, which places great emphasis on efficient battery use and ease of application creation. In turn, this would be a good example for Android Wear. If Google really wants to compete with Apple in this area, then it will have to work hard on its own platform. The consumer, of course, will only benefit from all this. [ai]