A new brand of smart watch­es has appeared on the Euro­pean mar­ket — Zepp. The Zepp E line is posi­tioned as pre­mi­um. The design­ers did their best: you can’t take your eyes off the gad­get with its anthracite-black, slight­ly curved screen. Let’s fig­ure out what else the watch can please you with.

A display for every taste

Zepp E devices are the case when watch­es can be select­ed not only by col­or and mate­ri­als, but also by screen for­mat. The mod­el range is rep­re­sent­ed by options with round and rec­tan­gu­lar dis­plays. In oth­er respects, the acces­sories are iden­ti­cal. We reviewed the Square ver­sion, equipped with an AMOLED matrix with a diag­o­nal of 1.65 inch­es. The pix­el den­si­ty of 341 ppi guar­an­tees excel­lent pic­ture clar­i­ty. The auto-bright­ness sen­sor works flaw­less­ly, the image is vis­i­ble even in direct sun­light.

The dis­play of the new prod­uct is cov­ered with 3D glass, smooth­ly flow­ing into a body made of pol­ished stain­less steel. When turned off, the screen and frames merge into one, cre­at­ing the feel­ing that the matrix in the gad­get is curved. Thanks to the excel­lent oleo­pho­bic coat­ing and round­ed edges, swip­ing across the dis­play is pleas­ant. Con­vex glass entails nuances — even with care­ful use, scratch­ing it is as easy as shelling pears.

Zepp E

Unisex in appearance

The watch turned out to be com­pact — about 9 mil­lime­ters in thick­ness. There­fore, wear­ing the device is com­fort­able day and night. Despite its mod­est size, the gad­get looks nat­ur­al on both men’s and wom­en’s hands. The man­u­fac­tur­er includ­ed a pair of straps of dif­fer­ent lengths so that the acces­so­ry fits con­fi­dent­ly on a wrist of any size.

The new prod­uct, depend­ing on the col­or of the case, comes with two vari­a­tions of straps: leather or flu­o­ro­elas­tomer (rem­i­nis­cent of sil­i­cone). We got the first option. Leather is a del­i­cate mate­r­i­al, so abra­sions may appear over time. The strap fas­ten­ing is stan­dard — 20 mm. There will be no prob­lems replac­ing it.

Zepp E

Five indicators of health

On the back of the watch there is a slight­ly pro­trud­ing plat­form with a heart rate mon­i­tor and a pulse oxime­ter. Using these sen­sors, the gad­get con­stant­ly mon­i­tors heart rate and blood oxy­gen lev­els (will be avail­able with an update). Based on the results obtained, the device deter­mines the lev­el of stress, help­ing the user ana­lyze their psy­chophys­i­o­log­i­cal state. In order for sleep to bring max­i­mum health ben­e­fits, it is nec­es­sary to mon­i­tor it and adjust it depend­ing on the char­ac­ter­is­tics of the body. The acces­so­ry mea­sures the stages of slow and fast sleep, then eval­u­ates its qual­i­ty. The gyro­scope and accelerom­e­ter record human activ­i­ty through­out the day. In the Zepp app (avail­able for Android and iOS), using the built-in health assess­ment sys­tem Hua­mi-PAI, all indi­ca­tors are com­bined into a sin­gle met­ric, which gives a com­pre­hen­sive view of your phys­i­cal and psy­cho­log­i­cal state.

Zepp E

Fitness trainer on your wrist

Zepp E offers 11 sports modes. Among the com­mon ones are run­ning, cycling, swim­ming in the pool (the water resis­tance of the case is declared to be 5 ATM), and among the non-stan­dard ones are trail run­ning and moun­taineer­ing. Dur­ing exer­cise, the watch records train­ing sta­tus and health char­ac­ter­is­tics so that the user can adjust the inten­si­ty of the exer­cise. The gad­get can moti­vate you to lead an active lifestyle. To do this, you need to set dai­ly goals for steps tak­en and calo­ries burned, after which the device will remind you of them and reward you with achieve­ments for suc­cess­ful com­ple­tion.

Zepp E

Sleek interface

The inter­face is orga­nized as fol­lows. Swipe from top to bottom—call up the quick set­tings cur­tain, swipe from bottom—go to the noti­fi­ca­tion cen­ter, swipe left and right—activate quick access appli­ca­tions, the list and order of which can be cus­tomized. A sin­gle phys­i­cal but­ton opens a menu of all pro­grams. The sys­tem func­tions quick­ly, there are no slow­downs. Noti­fi­ca­tions come with a pleas­ant vibra­tion and the cor­rect icons for instant mes­sen­gers and social net­works, but you can­not respond to them. To switch tracks and pause them, you don’t need to take your smart­phone out of your pock­et, because this can be eas­i­ly done right from the watch screen. The DND (Do Not Dis­turb) mode turned out to be use­ful, which turns off all noti­fi­ca­tions dur­ing the owner’s pre­cious sleep.

Zepp E

Synchronization with phone

Basic set­tings are col­lect­ed in a pro­pri­etary util­i­ty. The main screen dis­plays sta­tis­tics on dai­ly activ­i­ty. In the clock tab, you can select noti­fi­ca­tion sources, dai­ly goals, a list of pro­grams with quick access, and much more. By default, Zepp E comes with 4 watch faces pre­in­stalled, but the app has 48 more design options with the abil­i­ty to add your own back­ground.

Zepp E

A week without sockets

It would seem, what to expect from a mod­est 188 mAh bat­tery? In fact, the gad­get last­ed 8 days — and this was with con­stant­ly active syn­chro­niza­tion with a smart­phone and mon­i­tor­ing of all health indi­ca­tors. The result is not a record, but wor­thy. The watch is pow­ered using a mag­net­ic cra­dle, which is inte­gral with the cable. Since there is no pow­er adapter includ­ed, the charg­ing speed was mea­sured using a reg­u­lar 10-watt unit. From 0 to 100% the bat­tery was replen­ished in 1 hour 10 min­utes.

Zepp E


43.3 x 35.7 x 9 mm
36 grams (exclud­ing strap)
body — stain­less steel
strap — leather
Square — 1.65″, AMOLED, 442×348, 341 ppi
Cir­cle — 1.28″, AMOLED, 416×416, 326 ppi
188 mAh
heart rate mon­i­tor, pulse oxime­ter, gyro­scope, accelerom­e­ter, geo­mag­net­ic sen­sor
11 work­out modes, water­proof to 50 meters (5 ATM), stress mea­sure­ment, Zepp app
Zepp E

Bottom line

Zepp E is a bal­anced smart­watch suit­able for every­day use by a mod­ern city dweller. The gad­get will fit per­fect­ly into both a busi­ness and sports look. As a new prod­uct, I would like to add GPS sup­port and an NFC mod­ule, which com­peti­tors in the same price seg­ment can boast of. How­ev­er, the gad­get has plen­ty of advan­tages: good bat­tery life, a wide basic set of func­tions, inter­est­ing design and the abil­i­ty to choose a screen for­mat. More­over, the device not only mon­i­tors the body’s indi­ca­tors and con­trols phys­i­cal activ­i­ty, but also ana­lyzes the data obtained and prompt­ly warns of pos­si­ble health prob­lems.

Zepp E watch­es can already be pur­chased in the offi­cial Zepp store on AliEx­press and in the Allo store in Europe. And very soon they should appear on the net­work in EU at an esti­mat­ed price of 18,9 dol­lars for a round mod­el and 20,500 for a square one.

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