An expensive watch, like a luxury car, is a sign of the owner’s status. HUAWEI recently unveiled WATCH Ultimate Design, the company’s first wearable device made from premium materials. Taking on the persona of the owner of a yacht, a villa and a couple of supercars, we have prepared a detailed review of this precious gadget.


I’ll make you rich

Theater starts with the hanger, and premium watches start with the packaging. The box is of impressive size and the materials are pleasant to the touch, all of the highest class. The watch itself is massive. On a woman’s hand they would look strange, but on a man’s they fit like a glove.

The kit includes replacement straps, as well as additional links (to the main one). Bonus for exclusivity – special conditions for premium service with a two-year warranty and extended service support, as evidenced by a special booklet in the box.

Tactile sensations are in order, it could not be otherwise: the case is made of zirconium alloy, the bezel is ceramic. In addition, six 18-karat gold inserts have been added along its contour. The characters on the case are made using laser engraving, and the HUAWEI WATCH Ultimate Design screen is protected by laminated sapphire crystal.

HUAWEI WATCH Excellent design

The materials are selected in such a way that the original appearance of the device is preserved for as long as possible. For example, “liquid metal” based on zirconium alloy is used in the aerospace industry – it is practically not susceptible to scratches and deformation due to temperature changes. The ceramic bezel is also resistant to damage and corrosion, and the glass has a good safety margin. The HUAWEI WATCH Ultimate Design case is designed to last and maintain its original appearance under various operating conditions, just like a flagship watch.

There are three control keys here. The main button is rotary, differs in size and trapezoidal pattern. It works on the same principle as most smartwatches: a short press launches the menu and allows you to go to the desktop, a long press offers to turn off or restart the gadget, and scrolling the wheel allows you to navigate through the system. The second button is functional, located at the four o’clock position. Clicking on it opens the training menu. Finally, the third key is at the ten o’clock position. It launches the Expedition mode, which we’ll talk about below.

HUAWEI WATCH Excellent design

Matching Strap

The standard HUAWEI WATCH Ultimate Design strap deserves special mention. It is adjustable, vacuum-coated titanium, and features a butterfly clasp. This design is easily adjusted without tools – just press the levers and pull the segments forward or backward. You can adjust the watch to your wrist in a second.

The market often uses a six-segment design – such straps have an adjustment zone of approximately 15 millimeters. And the HUAWEI WATCH Ultimate Design strap consists of 12 segments of 1.45 mm each. In this case, the adjustment area is approximately 17.4 millimeters. Even those with very large hands can wear the gadget – we checked.

HUAWEI WATCH Excellent design

Not a screen – a screen

The HUAWEI WATCH Ultimate Design display is impressive, both in size and performance. This is an AMOLED matrix made using LTPO technology. This type of screen consumes less power, including when the screen saver is constantly displayed. The display is touch-sensitive, with excellent response. All settings and incoming notifications are perfectly readable – thanks to the 1.5-inch diagonal, a large reserve of brightness and a pixel density of 311 ppi.

The design of the standard dial is unusual. Shown here is a golden world map with latitude and longitude lines. The panel also displays two time formats at once: 12-hour on the outer ring and 24-hour on the inner ring. At the bottom is a mechanism reminiscent of a tourbillon in a classic mechanical watch. The design is spectacular and immediately reminiscent of a journey, which is why it is called accordingly – “Helmsman”. Looking at him, you feel like Lord Glenarvan, who is going to equip the yacht and go in search of Captain Grant. And if you get tired of the watch face, you can change it in the settings.

HUAWEI WATCH Excellent design

The standard theme is black and gold. The “Petal Map” icon stands out against this background—it’s colored. Perhaps with the update the unity of the color scheme will be achieved. In Settings, you can choose whether to display installed apps as a classic menu or a scrollable list.

Diving in the Maldives and expedition to Greenland

The watch is waterproof up to 10 ATM and meets the diving standard EN 13319. With HUAWEI WATCH Ultimate Design, you can dive anywhere in Palau or Thailand and enjoy the beauty of the underwater world. The main thing is not to forget to rinse the gadget in fresh water after this so that it can withstand the pressure under water.

You can try out the new “Expedition” mode by pressing one of the side keys on the case. This is a universal option – suitable for long walks around the city, car trips or long trips with a tent. In this mode, the watch screen displays the main functions: charge level, date and time, heart rate and distance traveled. Swiping up and down switches tabs – it’s easy to open the compass or find out the current altitude. At the same time, the menu design changes to a simpler and more discreet one – so the bright screen will not dazzle the eyes.

The monitoring features are very advanced. For example, HUAWEI WATCH Ultimate Design can do an ECG. The measurement process is simple: just open the ECG application on the watch and touch the electrode on the side button with your finger. There is also arterial stiffness diagnostics: sensors detect the heartbeat and analyze pulse characteristics to identify the risk of arterial blockage. Although the watch cannot be called a professional medical device, it helps to quickly identify signs of health problems and better control your well-being.

HUAWEI WATCH Excellent design

The remaining options are already familiar from other HUAWEI smartwatches. The gadget boasts a set of workouts (more than 100, according to the manufacturer) – from golf and mountain climbing to swimming and cycling. Supports heart rate monitoring with HUAWEI TruSeen 5.0+ technology, which monitors your heart rate at rest and under stress, and notifies you when your heart rate is high or low. The watch can analyze the level of stress and oxygen in the blood, and also supports TruSleep 3.0 technology. Sleeping with such a device on your wrist is not very comfortable, but data on rest duration, heart rate and snoring will be collected. Detailed sleep statistics with recommendations can be viewed in the Health app.

Tsarist autonomy

The strong point of HUAWEI WATCH Ultimate Design is its battery life. There is a 530 mAh battery installed here. For comparison, the WATCH 4 Pro has a 430 mAh battery, which lasts a long time. We turned on Always on Display and continuous heart rate monitoring, tested the ECG function, read notifications from applications, started a workout in the pool and did breathing exercises several times a day. In this mode, an average of 18-22% of the charge is consumed per day. Some smartwatches have worse performance even without AoD feature. You can guarantee 4 days without recharging if the display is always on.

If you turn off the screen saver and do not monitor your health indicators too intensively, HUAWEI WATCH Ultimate Design will last much longer. We estimate that with average use the watch will last between 9 and 13 days; The actual time depends greatly on the operating scenario and even the selected watch face. The manufacturer clarifies that with normal use the gadget will last up to 14 days. You can recharge the battery using the included charger that supports fast charging technology. In appearance, it does not differ from other magnetic accessories of the brand and is made in white. Therefore, a luxury watch in a dark gold case looks strange on him. But the energy replenishment rate of such a battery is excellent – in about an hour the battery reaches 100% from zero.


LTPO-AMOLED, 1.5 inches, touch, 466×466 pixels, 311 ppi
530 mAh
49.4 x 49.4 x 13 mm
about 78 g (without strap)
accelerometer, depth and temperature sensors, magnetometer, barometer, gyroscope, optical heart rate monitor
Gold and ceramic finish, zirconium alloy, sapphire glass screen, linear vibration motor, Expedition mode, interchangeable bands included, body temperature measurement, ECG and blood hardness measurement, sleep and heart rate monitoring, 100 m water resistance, exclusive warranty conditions
HUAWEI WATCH Excellent design


There is no point in approaching HUAWEI WATCH Ultimate Design from the position of an ordinary consumer – even if you have 2670$ available on your card, a more reasonable purchase would be the traditional WATCH 4 or WATCH 4 Pro. And the hero of the review will appeal to the director of a successful enterprise, top video blogger or actor. For those who can and want to pay for the “best”, no matter how much it costs.

Typically, these buyers choose traditional mechanical watches made from premium materials. But who said that an experienced manager cannot be an athlete or a diver? Why shouldn’t a blogger monitor heart rate, sleep and physical activity? Finally, it’s convenient to receive important notifications from business partners right on your wrist. And HUAWEI WATCH Ultimate Design is an interesting example of how modern technologies are successfully combined with expensive metals. This is the case when the owner of the gadget has achieved success in life and does not forget about his health.

Smart watch with a case made of zirconium, gold and ceramics. Excellent battery life, top specs and a huge LTPO display. Even if only a few people buy HUAWEI WATCH Ultimate Design, there are simply no full-fledged analogues on the market.