Basically, the market for wearable devices today is represented by two categories. One is expensive smartwatches from famous brands, and the other is numerous fitness trackers. There are also intermediate gadgets that incorporate a little bit of everything from both types of devices. An example of this is GEOZON G-SMART Sprint.

Can I take a shower?

Despite its impressive size, the device is surprisingly lightweight. There is protection from dust and moisture according to the IP65 standard: you can wear the watch in the shower, but full-fledged water sports will damage it.

The included strap is made of silicone with plenty of ventilation holes. As a result, the skin under the bracelet practically does not sweat; in addition, it is easy to replace it with any standard watch.

IPS display resolution 240×240 pixels. This is enough for the built-in dials to look decent, and for the pixel ladder to not be noticeable from a distance of 30-40 cm. If you take a closer look, the fonts and interface look a little loose. There is no Always-on mode – everything is for the sake of saving battery. But the viewing angles are maximum, and the backlight is bright. Its supply is enough for a sunny day.

Control is carried out by swiping on the display. Some sections can be reached in two different ways, others are located far from the main screen, and this cannot be changed. You can select a watch face (one of six) and change the wallpaper or the main menu view – from a matrix of icons to a list. In addition, somewhere you need to swipe sideways, somewhere up. You will have to figure everything out at random, and first of all this concerns the two physical buttons.


To call or not to call?

You can install a micro SIM card in GEOZON G-SMART Sprint. The slot is located under a special plug, which is secured with a screw. For partial disassembly of the device, the kit includes a screwdriver and tweezers, but hot-swapping SIM cards is out of the question.

G-SMART Sprint can make calls and send SMS. The quality of voice communication in both directions is not bad, the interlocutor can be heard well on the watch, and he also did not complain about poor audibility.


The gadget can be used as a Bluetooth headset. The speaker and microphone are designed for conversations at an acceptable volume – the voice quality on both sides is not bad, as is the case with calls from a SIM card in the watch itself. Call log, SMS – everything is automatically pulled from the smartphone.

They’ll always wake you up

The watch runs on its own adapted OS, and therefore installation of additional applications is not supported. However, the stock functionality is sufficient. All the iconic options are available, from a smart alarm clock to remote camera control.


Notifications are accompanied by either a loud sound (there are a couple of samples to choose from), or vibration, or both. By the way, the vibration is very strong: it’s not easy to miss a notification, and it’s completely impossible not to wake up from such an alarm clock.

Always in moving

G-SMART Sprint offers several types of training: running outdoors or indoors, cycling, mountain climbing and marathon. Outdoors, the GPS module is activated for clearer positioning. To ensure that the accuracy of step counting does not suffer, you need to provide information about yourself in the application as accurately as possible. In addition, due to technical limitations, the device may not capture information about steps with a very small range of motion.


But there are no complaints about the heart rate sensor, the calculation is accurate and without errors. The heart rate monitor can work not only during user activity, but also on an ongoing basis – the interval and modes are configured from the menu.

After the end of the workout, its data continues to hang to the left of the main screen, where the menu for selecting sports activities is located. To start the next workout, you need to save the results of the current one.

Training data is synchronized with the proprietary Smart-Time application. The number of steps, distance, calories, sleep results, etc. are transferred to the smartphone and recorded in the user’s account.


How long will the battery last?

Autonomy depends on the continuity of heart rate tracking, the number of notifications and other factors. If the latter flows like a river, and cardiac activity is always under control, then you should count on two to three days without recharging. When a critical charge level is reached, the smart gadget turns into a regular watch. In this state he is able to live for another half a day.

The model is charged using a proprietary Pogo-Pin charger. The gadget is powered from a regular USB port: a computer or a standard adapter. Full charging time is about two hours.



Android 4.4 and above, iOS 9.0 and above, Smart-Time application
silicone (gray or red on the inside)
35 years
color touchscreen IPS, 1.3”, 240×240, 261 ppi
2G, Bluetooth 3.0 + 4.0, GPS
320 mAh
the ability to call and receive SMS, continuous heart rate tracking, sleep monitoring, recording GPS tracks, tracking various activity and sports modes, IP65 water protection

What’s the result?

GEOZON G-SMART Sprint is suitable for those who lack the functionality of a regular tracker, especially smart options and ease of information consumption. Still, the 1.3-inch round color screen is much clearer than many competitors, and the ability to use the watch as a Bluetooth headset is a useful feature.

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