In the eyes of many parents, children’s smart watches look like a non-gadget: they provide communication with the child, show his location… and that’s all. But what if we add a couple more useful functions and make the body color not for girls and boys, but universal – red and black? You will get something more interesting, namely Elari KidPhone 3G. Why does this watch need “adult” Internet, and is it as accurate in determining the point where a child is as its more “childish” rivals?

First impression

It is immediately clear that the games of spillikins are over, and in front of us is a serious device with a durable rubber strap and a tread pattern. Such straps were also used in the previous version of the watch, where they worked well. They can withstand strong stretching, fit any wrist in size, and do not tear or unfasten, which is especially important given the age (and mobility) of those who will wear them.

The 2 MP camera lens immediately attracts attention. And if parents probably have a camera in the smartphone to which the watch is attached, then the children’s gadget, as a rule, becomes the only device with a SIM card for its owner.

Elari KidPhone 3G

There are two buttons on the watch. The top one, black, turns them on, and the bottom one, red, makes an emergency call (SOS) with a long press and a step back with a short press. Two buttons are more than enough, because the watch has a touch screen (1.3 inches, 240×240 pixels) of a size comfortable for children’s fingers.

Elari KidPhone 3G

At the back there is a SIM card slot covered with a flap. It can be removed and inserted with a little effort, but over time it can become loose. On the other hand, it is unlikely that the owner of the watch will need to change the SIM card. A special feature of the case is protection from dust and moisture according to the IP65 standard. A child can poke around in the sandbox with a watch on his hand and get wet in the rain, although it’s still not worth giving them a bath.

Elari KidPhone 3G

How to enable and bind

Children’s smart watches, although considered an independent gadget, transmit information to the parent’s smartphone. Therefore, we immediately install the Elari SafeFamily application on it, then insert the SIM card into the watch and turn it on. A greeting will appear on the screen (for some reason twice), and then a QR code that needs to be scanned from the application so that it sees the clock.

Elari KidPhone 3G

After this, the owner of the smartphone becomes the administrator of the watch, and only he can add other users who can track the location of the watch. To reset the watch to factory settings, the administrator must unlink the watch in the application. This, by the way, is an excellent security measure.

Why do you need an application?

So, everything is connected and working. Now it’s time to set up your kids’ watch in the app. It is on the smartphone that a list of contacts is created that can be called from the watch. Interestingly, you can prohibit receiving calls from unknown numbers (it is only important to include all interested parties in the list), and also not allow you to turn off the watch completely while the SIM card is inserted. The menu is very easy to understand: it is presented in the form of clear icons and can be scrolled with your finger. True, it would be worthwhile to loop the list so that you don’t have to scroll left and right.

Elari KidPhone 3G

Using the smartphone, you can also set an alarm clock, information about the administrator and his deputies, make video calls (regular ones are available without an application) and callbacks (if you want to know what is happening around the child). You can also select a time interval when almost all watch functions are disabled, you can only view the time and send an SOS signal.

Elari KidPhone 3G

And if suddenly something unexpected happens to the child, he does not need to look for his mother’s phone number in the contact list. Just press the red button and hold it for 3 seconds – an SOS notification with clock coordinates will be sent to all contacts and a 30-second audio recording of the surrounding environment will be sent.

Elari KidPhone 3G Elari KidPhone 3G Elari KidPhone 3G

Hello, “Alice”!

This watch is not just a way to communicate with your child and an opportunity to track his movements. Elari KidPhone 3G is the world’s first children’s watch with Alice, the Yandex voice assistant.

With this function, the baby can really feel like an adult: ask her about the weather outside, spaceships, or, for example, ask her to tell a fairy tale. Oh, “Alice” knows a lot of them! Of course, you can just talk to her about abstract topics.

Elari KidPhone 3G

But asking how to solve an example or write a word is still unsportsmanlike. Moreover, in most schools, gadgets are prohibited during lessons (and often during breaks).

“Alice” works perfectly, with a stable Internet connection (and if this happens at home, then home Wi-Fi will come to the rescue), quickly answers questions and gives tips on how to use it. For example, to stop a fairy tale, you need to say “Alice, that’s enough.” Children do not have any difficulties in communicating with the assistant.

Determining the location

Full statistics are available on where the child is at each moment. Data synchronizes automatically at a specified interval (for example, every 10 minutes or hour), or you can update the map manually. The map, however, is not the most convenient, but it is easy to get used to.

Elari KidPhone 3G

With a couple of taps, you can set up geofences—areas on the map, when you go beyond which you will receive an alert. But if the child is big enough and responsible enough, this may not be done.

Like other watches, Elari KidPhone 3G determines location in three ways at once: using GPS, Wi-Fi networks (even if it is turned off in the watch) and cell phone towers (LBS). Due to the fact that all three channels are used to obtain information, the map displays the location of the clock accurate to the entrance of a house or a 10-meter zone inside a school. There were no failures even in the shopping center and buildings with thick walls.

Elari KidPhone 3G

What else can a watch do?

They have a built-in convenient chat. The child can send an emoticon or record a voice message that will be sent to the parent.

Elari KidPhone 3G

The camera takes photographs of “childish” quality, but from them it is quite clear where the offspring was and what he was doing. The results are visible in the gallery on the watch, they can be deleted, viewed when connected to a PC, or sent to the application. And from there, share it on social networks. True, there is a nuance. The camera is stated to be 2 MP, but the native resolution of the pictures is 320×320, and when sent from the application somewhere else, the picture is stretched to 1080×855 with a violation of the proportions. Given the low resolution of the images, the available 1.27 GB of internal memory is enough for the entire school year. Video calls can also be made using the camera.

The built-in pedometer focuses on hand movement, showing quite accurate data: the discrepancy with a sports pedometer and a fitness bracelet does not exceed 5%. They say that children don’t move much these days, it’s easy to check! And perhaps blush if the parents themselves walked half as much in a day.

Elari KidPhone 3G

A watch can be “friends” with similar watches if classmates in kindergarten and classmates at school have the same ones.

Work and recharge

The built-in battery lasts for three days in standby mode, the manufacturer claims. In fact – with normal use (pedometer, a couple of calls and a little communication with “Alice”) – by two. This is enough: the child visited the kindergarten or school twice, then in the evening they charged for an hour, and you can call again. To save space, the charging contacts are located on the back panel of the watch. This is completely safe for the child, and the charger is securely magnetized to the watch

Elari KidPhone 3G

What’s the result?

Elari KidPhone 3G is a convenient, durable and reliable gadget for parents who worry about their children, and for children who want more from their watch than just calls. The disadvantages include the rather high price for such a device (fee for “Alice” and the camera), but there’s nothing more to complain about. The watch is very easy to use: children of three and nine and a half years old figured it out the first time, talking enthusiastically with the voice assistant. Communication with satellites, towers and Wi-Fi networks is excellent, positioning is accurate. In short, the heir will be under reliable protection, and the design of the watch allows it to be worn by either a kindergartener or a teenager.

Text author: Victoria Zorina

Photo of the device: Denis Plotnikov

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