ASUS VivoWatch BP is positioned as a universal gadget for athletes and those who monitor their health. The tracker watch is compatible with Android and iOS smartphones. The device monitors physical activity, including in training mode. Reminds you to stretch or take necessary medications. Analyzes the quality of sleep and suggests how to change your daily routine for the better.

On guard of health

In addition to the usual heart rate monitoring, VivoWatch now has an additional tool – determining blood pressure levels. To do this, just put your finger on the contact pad, closing the PPG sensor, but before that, don’t forget to unlock the gadget by pressing the only button on the case. The finger must simultaneously cover both the sensor and the pad, and it takes 15-20 seconds to take the readings. On the screen, in addition to the measurement result, the relaxation index (the so-called stress index) and the pulse indicator are clearly displayed. You can monitor your heart rate throughout the day, and at user-specified intervals.

The ASUS HealthConnect program, with which the VivoWatch BP is synchronized with the device, will tell you how to calibrate the watch during the initial setup. This is done by entering values ​​measured by a stationary tonometer. You will also need to enter your current weight and age into the application. All these parameters are necessary to obtain correct results. The main HealthConnect desktop provides you with the most important features, organized into groups. Number of steps, blood pressure, stress level, heart rate, time of sleep and physical activity, blood sugar level, body weight, medication schedule and average blood pressure. The last three values ​​must be entered independently. You can also set up auto-sync, turn on an alarm, set the frequency of background heart rate checks, set reminders that it’s time to warm up, and so on.

ASUS VivoWatch BP

In the future, the results obtained will be processed using the Health AI algorithm. Based on them, the application will provide recommendations for adjusting the regimen so that the blood pressure level always remains at a normal level. Support for the European language is planned in the next updates of the proprietary application and watch firmware. The latter can be updated through the HealthConnect interface.

Time to move

For those who are accustomed to an active lifestyle, the new ASUS product will allow you to track your workouts in real time. To do this, you need to turn on GPS in your smartphone, select “Exercise” in the watch interface and press “Start”. VivoWatch BP will begin to measure heart rate and distance traveled, all data will go to the appropriate section of the application. In this mode, VivoWatch will work for 6-10 hours, without GPS – about a day.

ASUS VivoWatch BP

Athletes will also appreciate the protection of the case – it meets the IP67 standard. With the gadget you can safely take a shower. But you shouldn’t do underwater swims: the device can only withstand immersion to a depth of one meter. Therefore, when going to the pool, it is better to leave the tracker at home or in a locker.

Not by image alone

At first glance at the VivoWatch BP, it is clear that they have moved away from the concept of a small tracker, opting for a full-size watch.

ASUS VivoWatch BP

A large rectangular case with smooth corners contains a color touch display, ECG and PPG (photoplethysmogram) sensors. To the left of the screen, under the metal contact pad, there is an optical sensor for more accurate pressure determination. The image component of VivoWatch BP is minimal. On the other hand, it is a practical device, not a glamorous accessory with additional functionality.

The display diagonal is 1.2 inches, it is covered with Gorilla Glass, so you can not be afraid of scratches and damage. There is only one thing that upsets us: even at maximum brightness, the screen fades in the sun; you have to cover it with your palm or move into the shade. The display resembled P-OLED solutions. It’s strange that AMOLED is not used. Apparently, from the point of view of autonomy, such technology would not be entirely appropriate. Under conditions of background monitoring once every 15 minutes and 4-5 real-time checks per day, the watch will work on a single charge for 28 days.

ASUS VivoWatch BP

Despite its dimensions, VivoWatch BP weighs only 45 grams and is practically not felt on your hand. Unless under the narrow sleeve of your outerwear it begins to put pressure on your wrist. The strap is made of medical silicone; this material minimizes skin irritation during long-term wear. During sleep, the watch does not interfere, it does not fly off your hand, the metal clasp fits securely into the groove. The notification vibration is strong and difficult to miss. It is worth noting the convenience of measurements: quickly and efficiently, there is no need to separately record the obtained values.


ASUS VivoWatch BP watch is an inexpensive portable blood pressure monitor and fitness tracker with built-in GPS. It allows you to conveniently and quickly measure pulse and blood pressure, and works for up to a month without recharging. The design may not appeal to everyone, but the device performs its functions clearly. The gadget will be useful for those who do not need the functions of a smart watch, but who take their health seriously and constantly monitor it.

ASUS VivoWatch BP