Do you know where the place of pilgrimage for all Apple technology lovers is located? That’s right – the glass cube Apple Store on Fifth Avenue in New York. Last Friday, anyone could try on the long-awaited Apple Watch. We also tried.

The clock is located in the store around the perimeter, thus becoming the main object of attention of buyers. Salespeople in blue t-shirts with a small apple on their chest smile affably at everyone who enters the hall. They are ready to answer any questions and demonstrate the incredible possibilities of smartwatches.

Some fans have already thoroughly studied all the functions of the novelty on the Internet and are deftly controlled with a color display. After the opening of pre-orders, the Internet exploded with feedback from visitors to the Apple Store. The consensus is this: the watch is stylish, useful, and you can even talk on it, but ergonomics, interface speed and some functions leave much to be desired.

One way or another, every visitor wants to try on the watch. In fact, everyone comes there for this very reason.

To watch the gold Apple Watch Edition, you need to queue up. A glossy symbol of wealth and prosperity creates an aura of a work of art around the watch.

Listening to an Apple Store consultant is no less interesting than studying a watch in a shop window. He talks about the main advantages of Apple Watch.

Minimalistic shop windows allow you to focus on the design of the watch.

Active New Yorkers can’t get past Watch Sport. Bright plastic straps will complement the sporty look, and the function of the pedometer and pulse detection will make any workout fruitful.

Numerous options for combining the case with steel, leather and plastic straps … The selection process is the most difficult one.

Young people discuss among themselves which watch is more suitable as a gift for their girlfriend. The choice falls on a watch with a red strap.

The watch is beautiful to the touch.

It is impossible to resist: we try them in every way, because now it will not work to buy them on the spot and take them home.

Anyone can compare their watch on their hands with a smart watch by comparing the design, weight and size of the case.

Smart watches have not overshadowed the interest of buyers in the rest of Apple products.

New Yorkers seek professional advice from a consultant.

The elegant design of Watch Edition watch made of 18 carat gold and equipped with a strap with a gold clasp will emphasize the status of a business person.

So close and so far 🙂

The student was attracted by the classic models of smart watches, which are perfect for intellectuals.

The Milanese strap is one of the best.

All the necessary applications are now on the watch display. You will immediately respond to messages and calls. And you can track your activity.

We say goodbye to the store on a golden note.