The Nabu X model is characterized by its simplicity and excellent functionality, which includes customizable lights, wireless connectivity and support from developers around the world.

The device is a small bracelet with a practical design and textured parallel lines. The appearance is unpretentious, so the model will suit any style.


It uses a circuit that has become a classic – a small plastic module with all the functions is installed in a silicone bracelet. Thus, a small protection against shock, dust and moisture is guaranteed, the device can be immersed to a depth of one meter. In addition, silicone perfectly sits on the hand and does not irritate the skin. Everything is very convenient.


Nabu X connects to a smartphone using Bluetooth LE. To operate and configure the device, you will need a free application from Razer, available for download for Android and iOS devices. The smart bracelet notifies you of an incoming call or notification using three light indicators with the ability to select a flashing color depending on the notification, as well as vibration feedback. So you can store your smartphone in a backpack or bag, and the bracelet will unobtrusively let you know when they are trying to contact you.


Of course, the Nabu X features an advanced activity tracker. Using the built-in accelerometer, the device measures the number of steps taken and the distance, calories burned, the amount of active time, the duration and quality of sleep. The functionality is expanded with the help of many available applications. In addition, thanks to open source, developers from all over the world can create applications for the bracelet, thereby further expanding its capabilities and functions.


But that’s not all, Nabu X is a very social smart bracelet, so it can exchange information with another such device to compare the achieved goal. In this case, you just need to shake hands with a friend – great, isn’t it?

Built into this little battery provides up to 7 days of battery life, so that the device does not have to charge more than once a week.