The most pressing problem for modern wearable devices is the battery. Despite the fact that engineers have taken care of the integration of wireless charging and equipped their devices with energy-efficient components, smartwatches still run out of power too quickly.


Young startup matrix decided to leave the problem of a low battery in the past and introduced “smart” Matrix PowerWatch.

The main feature of the novelty is that they are able to work as long as you wear them. The heat from the watch wearer’s body is the main source of energy for the battery inside the accessory. Apple Watch owners dream of this. For the longest working time, the developers installed an energy-efficient processor AMBI Q.


Alas, energy efficiency affected the functionality of the device. The list of PowerWatch features includes:

  • time display
  • counting the number of steps taken
  • timers
  • sleep quality tracking
  • monitoring the level of energy your body emits

Synchronization with a smartphone is provided with the ability to set goals for burning calories or the distance traveled. In a word, all the functions familiar to this category of devices.


The company plans to integrate additional functionality. The watch is currently in the testing and prototyping phase. But they really work.

As soon as you put the PowerWatch on your hand, after a few seconds, the 1.2-inch watch screen lights up and the battery indicator slowly starts to fill up. The capacity of the installed battery is 200 mAh.

Matrix plans to start deliveries of its thermal watches in July 2017. As part of the IndieGoGo crowdfunding platform, there is a special price of $99 (6,2,5 dollars). The retail price of the smart watch will be $160. [Engadget]