For a child, a smart watch is a good alternative to their first phone. After all, losing them at school is much more difficult, and they provide just as good a connection with parents. Philips W200 offers not only geolocation function and wiretapping mode, but also good battery life. We tested the gadget and are ready to tell you what it is capable of.


Greeted by clothes

The design of the smartwatch is almost neutral. They don’t pretend to be premium, but they don’t look like a child’s toy either. There are three colors to choose from: pink-purple, black and green. The body of the Philips W200 is made of durable plastic: nothing creaks or plays. And the included silicone strap does not cause irritation even when wearing the gadget for a long time. On the left side of the watch there is a plug for the nano-SIM slot and the charging socket.

In addition to performing a decorative function, it protects the connectors from dust and water – the model is IP65 certified. A swimming pool is contraindicated for the device, but it will survive a walk in the rain without consequences. On the right side there is a single hardware button to turn on the gadget.

The face of the Philips W200 is a 1.4-inch TFT display with a resolution of 240×240 pixels. This combination of characteristics is sufficient for comfortable interaction with the device. The brightness of an LCD panel is lower than that of AMOLED matrices, but it also consumes battery power much more slowly. Color and contrast are also at a decent level.


Everything’s under control

To use key smartwatch functions, you must install the Philips Kids Guardian mobile app. The easiest way to do this is using the QR code that comes with the kit. Then all manipulations can be done there – for example, tracking the child’s location.

The interface of the new product is minimalistic, but this is rather a plus: even a novice user can easily master the basics. Navigation is simple, swipe and tap, just like on a smartphone. Due to the decent screen area, there are no problems with touch accuracy. And the power key returns to the main menu – like the back arrow in Android.

Features include themes, a calculator, an alarm clock, and a phone book. They even brought in a pedometer – if a child walks an extra kilometer on the way home, it will be noticeable. Another useful solution is two-way voice chat, the history of which is stored in the mobile application. It works simply: hold your finger on the button and dictate a message. We let go – and the message flies to the addressee.


Your own navigator

One of the key functions of the gadget is determining the child’s geolocation using a built-in GPS tracker. It transmits the location upon request or notifies parents if the child has left the boundaries of the pre-specified safe zone. By the way, its radius can be set manually to avoid false positives. By default, two presets are available, but if desired, the list of such zones can be expanded independently.

Note that the location is shown correctly only in open areas. If a child enters a school or shopping center, the signal may disappear. Or the watch will try to calculate geolocation from cell towers using LBS technology – in this case, the error may be a couple of kilometers. This is worth remembering so as not to clutch your heart every time the GPS mark jumps into the neighboring area.

Always in touch

Of course, you can make calls on the watch – just like on a regular smartphone. It is important that the tariff chosen for the SIM card supports 2G networks, which some operators have abandoned (for example, Tele2 in the world region).


The outdated GPRS standard, although not very good in terms of network speed, significantly saves battery power and reaches even hard-to-reach places. The indicator in the form of the letter G on the display will help you make sure that your choice is correct: if it appears after turning on, the modem is operating in normal mode.

There are no complaints about the quality of communication: the voice is heard clearly. There is also a useful wiretapping function – you can understand what is happening around the child. The built-in microphone, although not on a par with devices for conference calls, can distinguish the voice of a school teacher from children’s chatter behind garages without any problems.

The gadget itself also has the ability to call subscribers from the phone book. And in an emergency, just hold down the power button for a couple of seconds – and the watch will automatically send an alarm signal to the number chosen by the parents without unnecessary manipulation.

From dawn to dusk

Despite its small size, the gadget’s autonomy is in perfect order. The stated operating time on a single charge of a 650 mAh battery is up to 150 hours in standby mode and up to 8.5 hours of phone calls. In practice, the watch lasts a little less than a week – when using the GPS module, short calls and periodic listening.


Philips W200 is a universal gadget for children and their parents. Smart watches are not afraid of water and allow you to always stay connected. The only thing I can complain about is the thickness of the device, but it is more than compensated for by the excellent battery life. Another nice bonus is the affordable price.