In April, we talked about one amazing project – Pebble watches. Perhaps this most successful project Kickstarter. Initially, the developers wanted to raise 1000$ dollars, but in the end the demand was so great that the total investment was equal to …

10 million dollars

It is interesting that many European take part in the project. These are our forum users, and just readers. Tomorrow project Pebble ends. Exactly at 7 am world time, the corresponding amounts will be debited from the bank cards of virtual investors. Amazon billing is responsible for transactions.

Today I received a letter from the creators to ask non-US residents to increase the amount of the deposit for postage. For Europe, this is plus $15. It is not clear why this is due, because such cases are usually notified in the first information letter. Most likely, the matter is in the USPS and lithium batteries.

If you don’t, you won’t receive the watch. If you did, make sure you have money on your card.

At the moment, accepting applications for participation in investing Pebble watches is stopped. But the forum member Exile I got hold of a website where “refuseniks” are tracked – In other words, if someone refuses their watch, the page hanging in the background starts making loud sounds, attracting your attention, and the desired position is shown in the informer.

While I was writing this news, the bell rang twice. A minute later, the watch “left” to the new owner.

So, 70 dollars have been fed to my Sberbank card, and I am in sweet bliss from the thought that two copies of the watch will become mine in September. Of course, we will organize a review.

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