For the past two years, the technology industry has been in a race to become the best smartwatch. Everyone participates in it: from Microsoft to Razer, from Samsung to hundreds of small startups. But so far it’s all futile. There is only one correct smart watch, and their name is – Pebble.

No product in this young market performs as well as this incredibly successful project with Kickstarter. Such a colorful and large-scale store of programs and dials is nowhere else. And now there will be even more: the company behind the best smartwatches has unofficially announced a new generation of Pebble.

AT Pebble reported: their new smart watch will appear in the first quarter of next year, just in time for the season when the Apple Watch goes on sale. The manufacturer promises that the new watch model is better than the old one in all respects: more beautiful, thinner, and so on. Great attention will be paid to personalization, and future owners will be able to choose one of the many and varied straps, rather than choosing from the basic options – rubber, leather and metal.

Rumors have been circulating in the market recently that the new Pebbles will get modular parts a la the magnetic straps on the Apple Watch that expand functionality. Representatives of the company are trying to get away from this topic, answering evasively. In any case, the calling card of the watch will remain the same: the display will again be black and white.

We’d be happy to use an AMOLED screen, but that wouldn’t allow for decent battery life. Moore’s law, however, one day will solve this problem.

– Pebble

The manufacturer is very pleased that Apple showed its watch: against their background, the popularity of Pebble has increased significantly. If you haven’t bought them yet, here are 6 reasons why you should do so now. To the rest, especially from among the owners of the first generations of watches, we send a big hello – and together with them we are waiting for the presentation of the new version. [techradar]

Updated: the watch is out and is now called Pebble Time.