A smart watch equipped with NFC technology is a convenient gadget that can be used to pay for purchases through POS terminals. About what such devices are, how to set up a useful option and how to use it – later in the article.

payment for purchases with smart watches with NFC

What is NFC

In simple terms, this is a module or chip designed for contactless transmission of information over short distances (up to 10 centimeters). This is necessary for security purposes.

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Thanks to this chip, smart watches can:

  1. play the role of a bank card;
  2. transfer coordinates and links;
  3. program labels.

Where applicable

With the help of gadgets equipped with a module for making contactless payments, the user can pay:

  • purchases in the store, coffee in the machine, if it is equipped with such a chip;
  • booking a hotel room, ticket;
  • parking, bus travel.

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Contactless payment technologies

There are three in total. Which one is used by the gadget depends on its OS.

Overview of watches with nfc Apple Watch

The smart watch chip from Apple of the latest generations is not only in the improved filling, but also in the improved payment method through the NFS.

  NFS on Apple Watch

Now both gadgets use individual Wallet applications that are not connected to each other. Although the Watch still requires pairing with an iPhone, you can link a separate card to each device. You don’t need a cell phone to pay.

Samsung Gear watch review

Models of the S3 series have a classic appearance, while boasting all the necessary set of options.

The gadget works with NFS using Samsung Pay technology. The latest models can be synchronized not only with branded smartphones, but also with devices of other brands (except Apple).

Contactless payment by watch from Samsung is no different from others. But the main feature is in MST. The abbreviation stands for Magnetic Secure Transmission. The development allows the device to create a field that imitates a magnetic strip located on a bank card. This means that using the clock you can pay in outdated terminals.

MST and NFC in Samsung Gear

Both options (NFS and MST) can be used by owners of Gear S3 Classic, Frontier and above. The main condition is a smartphone on Android at least 4.4 with RAM above 1.5 gigabytes.

How to use:

  1. Synchronize watch with phone.
  2. Open the Samsung Gear app.
  3. In the settings, select the item with the payment technology and confirm the plugin download, if required.
  4. Log in to Samsung accounts.
  5. By clicking the appropriate button, add a card and enter the required information.
  6. Check if all the data is correct and enter the code from the bank. It will come via SMS or online banking application.
  7. Provide an example of your signature. This is sometimes needed to pay for purchases by the clock using MST.
  8. Wait until the card is verified. The process usually takes no more than ten minutes.

After that, you can add other bank cards. To do this, you only need to repeat steps 5-8.

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Review and pay for Android Wear watches

Smart watch users on Android can also pay with them. Payments from devices running Android Wear 2.0 and above are made through Android Pay.

pay with Android Wear watches with NFS

What should be done:

  1. sync android phone and smart watch;
  2. log in to your Google account and download the application from the PlayMarket.

Important! In Europe, as of 2019, payment via NFC on Wear OS is not supported. The manufacturer does not specify when this option will be available.

How to add a card and pay for purchases with a watch

Paying with gadgets with NFC is not difficult. First you need to enable the chip on the device using the “Wireless Networks” item. It’s in the settings menu.

Naturally, in order to make purchases and non-cash payment for services, the user will need a bank card, which must be linked to the device.

To be able to pay using a smart watch, you must first set up the device, synchronize it with your mobile phone and install a specialized application. Which one depends on the OS under which the gadget is running.

With Android Pay

Android Pay

Important: make sure that data is synchronized under one of your Google accounts.

With Apple Pay

The synchronization process is similar to the example above.

How to proceed:

  1. Connect watch to iPhone.
  2. Launch Wallet.
  3. Add a bank card.
  4. Scan it or type the requested information manually.
  5. Transfer data to your gadget via Wallet.
  6. To save the changes, you need to confirm the addition of a new option.

  Apple Pay

Using any smart watch with NFC for payments is easy: you just need to attach them to the terminal and the money will be debited. After that, the owner will receive a notification with the results of the financial transaction.

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With a regular watch with a PayPass chip

Paypass is built into some classic accessories. They are also suitable for contactless payment. A bright representative of the advanced classics is Watch2pay, which is attached to MasterCard. The novelty works thanks to a small card for payments, which looks like a regular SIM card. Money is debited only after entering the pin code. A plastic card is also issued for withdrawing funds from ATMs and making purchases on the Internet.

Interesting: children’s smart watches, although not so advanced, can do a lot. So, with their help, parents will always know where their child is. And the baby will be able to receive and make calls with one touch.

  watch with paypass chip

Watch2pay is already equipped with software for receiving account data out of the box. Inside the device is a PayPass module for contactless payments. The system works with products from MasterCard. The user has access to all the same bonus programs as when using payment cards of a standard format.

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What is the difference between NFC and Bluetooth

Both options are designed for wireless data transmission. But bluetooth is designed to communicate one device with another. This limits his powers. You cannot pay for purchases using it. But the latest versions of Bluetooth can operate within a radius of 100 meters, and the chip – a maximum of 10 cm.

There is also a difference in connection speed and connection establishment. The NFS has 0.1 seconds, and pairing with another device is carried out automatically. Bluetooth pairing may take several minutes and is preconfigured.

NFC vs Bluetooth

Using gadgets with NFC for payment is easy: the setup does not take much time, and the transaction itself takes less than a second.