Sports bracelet Fusion California manufacturer Striiv costs 40 dollars. cheaper than the Jawbone UP2, and in everyday use it turned out to be much more convenient.

If someone likes small purse dogs, then your choice is Jawbone, which clings to the body of the hostess and evokes emotions only in her; others do not care what you wear on your wrist. Jawbone owner, have you ever met a person in the crowd who exclaimed: “Wow, dude, what is that black bracelet on you?! Let me drag!”? I am sure that this will never happen, no matter how much you would like.

Another thing – Striiv Fusion. This is a devoted dog who will bring slippers and report a doorbell from a stranger.


I love Striiv Fusion. And it’s not even a matter of choice six interchangeable straps (three already included).


And not in IP67 protection, which allows you to operate Striiv where Jawbone “throws back flippers”.

And not even in the contrast touch screen, which is not afraid of scratches.

And by no means in showing the time with the date as well full-fledged notifications in Cyrillic (if the message does not fit on the screen, then scroll left with your finger).


And even music control on a smartphone does not play a big role in the advantage over Jawbone. Eka is unseen in our days – to remotely swindle tracks …


And the whole thing is completely different step counting principle.

Look at the screenshot below. As usual, at the end of the day I took a look at my activity statistics Jawbone and praised himself for nearly 15,000 steps.

Indications Striiv I was confused and I thought that somewhere a mistake crept in: the bracelet showed 3000 steps less.


I began to study the documentation on the bracelet. It turned out that Striiv Fusion algorithms are resistant to random hand movements. For example, if you are flipping through a book, then Jawbone will count the movements of the hand as a step taken. I leafed through such “War and Peace” – “walked” the daily norm 🙂

Striiv also includes counting activity only with fifth step, which virtually eliminates blank shots, such as stretching or scratching. Let them scratch the back of the gentle Jawbone, whose painful nature is forgiven much.

Now, regarding sleep. Both bracelets monitor the owner’s night rest. How many times was it that getting out of bed, I forgot to translate Jawbone into walking mode, and a couple of morning active hours, when you take the child to the garden and walk with the dog, did not count for me. Until you kick Jawbone in the side and shout, this pampered carcass will sleep to the last.

Striiv, as befits a faithful dog, he wakes up if the owner has walked 200 steps. That is, it does not need to be specifically activated. Morning exercise, preparing breakfast and getting ready for work will automatically “lift” Fusion out of bed. It’s comfortable. You appreciate it.


Entertainment lovers will find a game in the Striiv app my land, where you need to build your island, and the energy for buildings is given for the number of steps taken. It is somewhat reminiscent of the Activity savings account with Alfa-Bank, only the currency is virtual.


What we have left.

Minuses Striiv Fusion:
– Alarm clock is normal, not smart;
– Tight strap clasp;

pros Striiv Fusion:
– Accuracy of counting steps;
– Water resistance;
– Interchangeable colored straps included for different styles of clothing;
– The length of the straps is universal for any wrist;
– Touch screen, scratch resistant;
– Time display;
– Display all notifications from a smartphone in Cyrillic;
– Manage music on your phone;
– Synchronization with the application in the absence of the Internet;
– Automatic exit from sleep mode;
– The charge is enough for 5 days;
– Low price.

Striiv Fusion stands 5990 rub.

For those who don’t need colored straps, the Striiv line has a cheaper black Touch bracelet in a monolithic case for 4990 rub.

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