Electronics is beneficial or helps to degrade. If a teenager, barely opening his eyes, hangs on the phone, this lifestyle can lead to health troubles in the future. Another thing is fitness bracelets.

OnePlus Band for sports

Monitoring the body’s performance during sports, a smart alarm clock, a pulse oximeter – all this is in OnePlus. And the cost is quite competitive.

Presentation of the OnePlus Band fitness bracelet

The device was presented in the middle of winter 2021, although information about the capabilities of the bracelet hit the Web at the end of December 2021. Judging by the advertising, the target audience of the gadget is athletic young people. The fitness tracker is available in 3 colors.

True, only a black strap is included in the package, the rest – tangerine gray and dark blue – can be purchased if desired. Design benefits also include a choice of 37 watch faces (5 presets). The tracker supports 12 types of sports exercises.

OnePlus Band Fitness Bracelet Features and Benefits

A good demand for a fitness bracelet will be facilitated by the presence of a pulse oximeter in it – a device that allows you to get information about blood oxygen saturation. Useful feature during a pandemic.

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  • The 1.1-inch screen impresses with its brightness and contrast. AMOLED technology is the standard solution for this type of device.
  • The bracelet is not afraid of dust and immersion in water. Degree of protection – IP68. The water resistance of the device is indicated by an indicator of 5 ATM. About 10 minutes you can safely swim in a fresh pool.
  • The battery lasts for 2 weeks in standby mode.

These are the main features of the Oneplus Band tracker.


The display is touch-sensitive, with a resolution of 126×294 pixels and adjustable brightness. It reflects the time, weather, alerts. Also on the display you can play the measured heart rate and the number of steps. With the help of touch commands, it is sometimes convenient to manage smartphone content, for example, put on suitable music.

The design of the display in the OnePlus Band resembles the engineering solution implemented in the Mi Band 4. Parallels can be drawn due to the edging around the screen and rounded corners. The slightly curved display looks stylish and organic in a smart device. The manufacturer has experience in introducing high-strength surfaces that transmit images. Therefore, the impact resistance of the screen is certainly on top.

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Fitness bracelet features at the level of similar models from other manufacturers:

  1. Heart rate tracking with regularity settings and alerts.
  2. The pulse oximeter sounds an alarm if the oxygen level drops below 96%.
  3. The bracelet measures the duration of light and deep sleep.
  4. Controlling the playback of music tracks.
  5. Alarm clock, timer, stopwatch.
  6. Sensors responsible for the analysis of motor activity – accelerometer, gyroscope.
  7. Remote photography with a paired smartphone.
  8. Receive notifications.

One Plus functionality

For reading long messages, the small display is poorly adapted, but it is not difficult to delve into the text of SMS. For management and settings, it makes sense to use the OnePlus Health app.

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The manufacturer declared autonomy of 14 days. However, he specifies the conditions under which this time was experimentally obtained:

  • at the start, the fitness bracelet is fully charged;
  • works on factory settings;
  • monitoring of oxygen in the blood and heart rate – once every 6 minutes;
  • the bracelet receives 100 messages per day;
  • time check – 5 times a day;
  • The alarm clock works 2 times a day.

If, for example, you increase the brightness of the display and measure your pulse more often, the battery will not last for 2 weeks. Real autonomy with custom settings – 1 week. To charge, the capsule must be detached from the strap. Battery capacity – 100 mAh.

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health care

Many people monitor body weight, because extra pounds often cause poor health and all kinds of diseases. A fitness tracker helps to understand how active a person is: it counts the distance traveled, the number of steps, calories burned. The bracelet can adapt to various activities. It is comfortable for running and cycling. It is safer for health to give a load on the muscles in the gym.

The second important point is the control of the duration of sleep. Sleep deprivation negatively affects health. The tracker keeps track of the number of hours of night rest. A smart alarm clock will wake up the owner in the REM sleep phase if possible.

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Price and comparison with competitors

In the last week of January of the twenty-first year, the price of a fitness bracelet was about 1000 hryvnia in terms of Indian rupees. Tracker sales started in India. The gadget is mainly focused on the inhabitants of this country. In Europe, the first price tags are around 1300 UAH. The cost of a strap of a different color (only one is included in the kit) is about 100 UAH in India. Accordingly, in Europe, apparently, it will be in the region of 130-200 UAH. Comparison table with the closest competitors, which are sold at about the same price:

VanPlus Band certainly has chances to compete with competitors. However, much will depend on the dynamics of the cost of gadgets.

Foreign users have already begun to share the first experience of using a fitness bracelet. Judging by the reviews, the first pancake did not come out lumpy. The first buyers were satisfied with the performance, the tracker works without failures. Communication with the phone is carried out via bluetooth version 5. The bracelet can only communicate with Android devices so far, adaptation to iOS is expected in the near future.

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