The Finns are planning to get into smart wearable gadgets and watches.

Nokia has announced plans to acquire a French manufacturer of fitness gadgets that help people around the world lead a healthier lifestyle. The purchase price of Withings will be about $191 million, the deal is expected to close in the third quarter of this year.

A statement on the company’s official website notes that healthcare is one of the areas of Nokia’s brand development strategy. The announced deal will combine Withings technology with a brand trusted by users, allowing Nokia to grow in the large and important gadget market.

Withings shares our vision for the future of digital health, and their smart products are well designed to help people live healthier lives.

Ramzi Haidamus, President of Nokia Technologies.


Recall that the French company Withings was founded in June 2008, its first product (WiFi Body Scale) was presented a year later. For many, the company became famous after the launch of the Withings Activite/Activite Pop smartwatch line in 2014. This watch has become a revelation in the smartwatch market by incorporating a classic design into a modern fitness gadget.

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