Before starting this note, we appeal to numerous “designers”. Please, friends, when creating concepts, do not try to re-draw the Apple logo, because any more or less savvy person has an ineptly copied logo instantly associated with Chinese fakes. Believe me – it’s better to just copy. Thank you.

Well, now you can talk about the clock iWatch from the Swede Anders Kjellberg talk.

This is far from the first concept watch from Apple with the most obvious name. Third, to be precise. First, two years ago, there were iWatch from ADR Studio, and then a slightly improved version from them. Before us is not iWatch 3, since this is a different product. The first difference is in the governing bodies. Is it convenient to use the buttons on the wrist device not at the ends?

The second notable feature is that from the bottom this watch looks … just like a watch, except for the SIM card slot. Yes, yes, apparently it is telephone with voice communication via Bluetooth.

Brr, what a logo

With applications, Anders is clearly too clever. How thin do your fingers need to be to navigate tabs in the App Store?

The box is not quite in the style of Apple, but oh well. After all, a watch is not quite a gadget in the standard sense of the word.

The original solution to the problem of colors, huh? In addition to one of the bundled straps, any other would fit the iWatch. If only it had a standard width, 22 mm.

Finally, for complete happiness, the watch would have an 8-megapixel camera, 16 GB flash memory, proximity and lighting sensors, a Retina display, as well as a Wi-Fi 802.11n module with AirPlay and wireless charging. Full “ground meat”. [9to5mac]