In the era of smart­watch­es with bright AMOLED screens, vir­tu­al (and even real) SIM cards and advanced oper­at­ing sys­tems, the hero­ic look may seem old-fash­ioned. But it’s worth remem­ber­ing that the Mak­ibes G07 is first and fore­most a sports watch, and only then a “smart” one, every­thing imme­di­ate­ly falls into place. For them, the main thing is to mon­i­tor the state of their owner’s body, per­form high-qual­i­ty sports tasks in the house and on the street, and not run out of ener­gy at the most inop­por­tune moment. Can the Mak­ibes G07 han­dle this and what else is it capa­ble of? Read on.

Technical characteristics of Makibes G07

  • Screen: exter­nal trans­flec­tive LCD dis­play, 1.32″, 160×160
  • Oper­at­ing sys­tem: pro­pri­etary
  • Sports modes: walk­ing, run­ning, climb­ing, cycling, swim­ming, snor­kel­ing, ball game, stop­watch.
  • Water and dust pro­tec­tion: IP68.
  • Built-in mem­o­ry: less than 128 MB
  • Wire­less inter­faces: Blue­tooth 4.0, GPS.
  • Sen­sors: micr­o­gy­ro­scope, accelerom­e­ter, barom­e­ter, ther­mome­ter, altime­ter, heart rate.
  • Bat­tery: 500 mAh, non-remov­able
  • Dimen­sions: 50x50x16 mm
  • Weight:​ 78 grams

Packaging and equipment

The Mak­ibes G07 Smart sports watch is pack­aged in a small box with a trans­par­ent lid. Out­side the watch, inside there is a charg­ing cable — USB Type‑A on one side, a pro­pri­etary two-pin mag­net on the oth­er. There are instruc­tions in Chi­nese and Eng­lish. Look­ing ahead: you shouldn’t throw it away; it will turn out to be very use­ful when study­ing the func­tions of the gad­get.

Makibes G07


The Mak­ibes G07 has all the fea­tures of a lim­it­ed edi­tion watch: a stain­less steel case, large dimen­sions, large push­ers, a chunky flut­ed bezel and a large strap.

Makibes G07

The dis­play is round, deeply recessed into the body, and cov­ered with pro­tec­tive glass on top. There are minute notch­es along the perime­ter of the screen. Prob­a­bly for the sake of beau­ty, since the watch still does not have a dial with hands. On the bezel, the func­tions that are respon­si­ble for the but­tons on the edges are indi­cat­ed in the form.

Makibes G07

In the back cen­ter there is a heart rate sen­sor, which glows bright green when detect­ing the pulse. Around it, shal­low engrav­ings indi­cate the main func­tions of the watch. On the left are two gold con­tacts for charg­ing the bat­tery.

Makibes G07

The left bor­der uses Up and Down nav­i­ga­tion but­tons. There are three but­tons on the right: “OK” (“Apply”), “Back”, and between them — turn­ing on the back­light.

Makibes G07 Makibes G07

The watch itself is sold only in black, but the straps are avail­able in three col­ors: black, red and gray.

Makibes G07


Sports watch­es are also sports watch­es: quite large and heavy. For exer­cise, this most like­ly will not cre­ate any incon­ve­nience; you just need to take into account that they are incon­ve­nient to wear under your sleeve: they cling and put pres­sure on your arm. You can, of course, wear them on the sur­face of the sleeve, but then the pulse will not be detect­ed cor­rect­ly.

Makibes G07

The flut­ed bezel, which is lighter in col­or than the case, leads one to believe that it can be rotat­ed and thus con­trolled for hours, but this is not the case. The func­tions of a func­tion can­not be changed or reas­signed, so if for some rea­son the solu­tion turns out to be incon­ve­nient, you will still have to get used to it. How­ev­er, there is noth­ing fan­cy there.

Makibes G07

The sports gad­get responds to but­ton press­es with a notice­able delay of about a sec­ond, and the back­light only works the sec­ond time. The watch has a vibra­tion motor and a low-vol­ume, sin­gle-col­or speak­er, the sound of which can be turned off in the inter­face. Nei­ther is annoy­ing and the fea­ture works well.

Makibes G07

A cou­ple of indi­vid­ual kind words, a ran­dom strap. First­ly, it can be eas­i­ly removed, lit­er­al­ly in one move­ment, but it will not jump out of the grooves on its own. Sec­ond­ly, it is strong (both the strap itself and the fas­ten­ing to the case) — they with­stood quite strong stretch­ing in dif­fer­ent direc­tions. Third­ly, it is grooved because the tongue fas­ten­er always opens exact­ly into the hole. There are ten holes in the strap, so the watch can be adjust­ed to fit both a thin woman’s hand and a stern man’s.


The Mak­ibes G07 dis­play is round, 1.32 inch­es and 160 pix­els in diam­e­ter. And the main rea­son is the trans­flec­tive effect of the LCD, which has not become famil­iar to AMOLED smart­watch­es. This means that the more light there is, the bet­ter the image is vis­i­ble. Such matri­ces were pre­vi­ous­ly installed on elec­tron­ic watch­es. Con­sid­er­ing the watch’s per­for­mance and high­er auton­o­my, this deci­sion seems log­i­cal.

Makibes G07

Since the matrix itself is locat­ed notice­ably below the pro­tec­tive glass, at an angle the image is slight­ly dis­tort­ed and has the advan­tage of clar­i­ty. The back­light is sin­gle-col­or, its bright­ness is adjustable from 1 to 20. It auto­mat­i­cal­ly turns off after five sec­onds if the user is not work­ing with the inter­face — that is, it will go out no ear­li­er than he fin­ish­es set­ting up.

The device in operation

Thanks to the abun­dance of sen­sors, the Mak­ibes G07 offers the own­er a num­ber of use­ful func­tions that can be used both in sports mode and in every­day use. Actu­al­ly, we will con­sid­er these two sce­nar­ios.

Dai­ly use of the watch. Almost all the infor­ma­tion you might need in every­day use is avail­able on the home screen.

Makibes G07

Its upper half log­i­cal­ly dis­plays the cur­rent time and date. The bot­tom one con­tains addi­tion­al infor­ma­tion: ambi­ent tem­per­a­ture, pres­sure (in Pas­cals) and alti­tude above sea lev­el, and in a sep­a­rate block — the num­ber of steps tak­en for the cur­rent day and reduced by 10 per­cent from the giv­en dai­ly goal by steps. By the way, the watch clear­ly reads the first steps: while the author was writ­ing part of this review, he “watched” about 200 steps: prob­a­bly, sud­den move­ments of the hand over the key­board were per­ceived.

Makibes G07

Addi­tion­al infor­ma­tion can be seen in a sep­a­rate menu, which is opened using the Down or Up switch. One of the screens shows more detailed infor­ma­tion about steps for the cur­rent day: not only their num­ber, but also the dis­tance trav­eled (in kilo­me­ters) and the num­ber of calo­ries burned. Anoth­er screen shows the last three alerts on the synced smart­phone. The remain­ing screens show charts of changes in tem­per­a­ture, pres­sure and alti­tude over the last 24 hours.

Makibes G07

At the begin­ning of test­ing, the watch, to my sur­prise, showed that it was 800 meters above sea lev­el. Read­ing the man­u­al, I real­ized that it takes time to adjust the alti­tude, and they have not yet had time to adapt after the car­go plane.

The “OK” but­ton redi­rects the user to a menu of some modes, a sto­ry about which is yet to come. The “Can­cel” but­ton opens a menu in which sta­tis­tics and selec­tion of goals for each of the per­ma­nent modes, infor­ma­tion about sleep and a num­ber of set­tings are avail­able. These include: noti­fi­ca­tion that you have been “over­stay­ing too long”, enabling/disabling the heart rate sen­sor and noti­fy­ing that the lev­el is too high, enabling/disabling GPS, sound, alarm clock, time and date, per­son­al data (gen­der, age, height and weight ). ).

Makibes G07

Sep­a­rate­ly, it is worth men­tion­ing sleep mon­i­tor­ing and alarm clock. The watch mon­i­tors the state of the body and then dis­plays sta­tis­tics: how many min­utes a per­son slept, how long deep and shal­low sleep last­ed. But sleep­ing with the clock on is incon­ve­nient: they are large and get in the way, and if you acci­den­tal­ly lie on them, it can even be painful. There is no smart alarm func­tion in the x watch; a reg­u­lar alarm clock clear­ly will not stir up the rigid­i­ty of a talk­ing per­son: it is a short squeak through the speak­er with a sin­gle vibra­tion, and that’s all. So whether it’s even worth sleep­ing dur­ing these hours is a big ques­tion.

Sports modes. Mak­ibes G07 has eight strict modes: walk­ing, run­ning, climb­ing, cycling, swim­ming, snor­kel­ing, ball game and stop­watch. In each case, the watch tracks dif­fer­ent data. For exam­ple, while run­ning, cycling or climb­ing a moun­tain, coor­di­nates, the num­ber of calo­ries burned and many oth­er para­me­ters are read. And while play­ing ball — only heart rate and calo­ries burned. All cir­cuits are described in detail in the instruc­tions, and in order to ful­ly use the capa­bil­i­ties of the watch, you will have to study them care­ful­ly.

Makibes G07

Most modes have mul­ti­ple screens avail­able that vary in the type of infor­ma­tion shown. For exam­ple, for run­ning there are five screen options: one shows heart rate and the num­ber of steps, anoth­er shows calo­ries burned and the num­ber of laps, the third shows speed and pace, and so on. Again, all options are described in detail in the attached instruc­tions.

Rel­a­tive­ly, the Stop­watch mode leads to the sell­er. First, for some rea­son the per­ma­nent clock does not have a timer. Sec­ond­ly, the stop­watch itself only counts hours, min­utes and sec­onds, and mil­lisec­onds are unfair­ly ignored.

Based on per­cep­tu­al sen­sa­tions, sen­sors do not track the state of the body very accu­rate­ly. Some­times a very strange pulse appears, although it was not pos­si­ble to catch them due to a crit­i­cal inac­cu­ra­cy with the tonome­ter on the oth­er hand. The extra steps have already been men­tioned above. There are also com­plaints about GPS: while the watch was just lying at home by the win­dow, the sen­sor was “walk­ing” some­where.

Makibes G07The result of the “Rock Climb­ing” mode at home in one place

Mak­ibes G07 peri­od­i­cal­ly gen­tly immerse water over a dis­tance of up to five meters. Dur­ing the imple­men­ta­tion, the watch was giv­en to a girl sev­er­al times for swim­ming in the pool — tak­ing into account the con­ve­nience and use­ful­ness of the device.

On my female hand, the watch looks bulky, and it won’t fit under my jack­et sleeve when going out­side. Still, the watch is not for women – it’s large and the design is quite aggres­sive. How­ev­er, the bracelet can be eas­i­ly adjust­ed to suit any hand size — the watch will def­i­nite­ly not slip either dur­ing nor­mal use or in water.

They sur­vived repeat­ed immer­sion in water with­out inter­rup­tion: they did not switch off, there were no arti­facts. Thanks to the bright back­light, you can even view the lat­est data under­wa­ter — the but­tons do not stick, the infor­ma­tion is clear­ly vis­i­ble. The watch counts your pulse and mea­sures your heart beats, telling you when to reduce your phys­i­cal activ­i­ty. A sep­a­rate plus is that they cal­cu­late the ener­gy burned: I real­ized that in 2 km I spend 434 calo­ries.

Makibes G07

Addi­tion­al infor­ma­tion about the train­ing:

Makibes G07

Synchronization with smartphone

The watch has about 100 MB of its own mem­o­ry, and for ade­quate oper­a­tion, includ­ing sav­ing train­ing or sleep his­to­ry, it does not require con­stant syn­chro­niza­tion with a smart­phone. In oth­er words, the watch works autonomous­ly, includ­ing GPS track­ing, tak­ing into account the dis­tance trav­eled and so on. How­ev­er, the Blue­tooth mod­ule ver­sion 4.0 works con­stant­ly in them (does not turn off in the inter­face) and allows you to con­nect to your smart­phone at any time, for exam­ple, for noti­fi­ca­tions about calls and noti­fi­ca­tions.

The sell­er does not actu­al­ly have a syn­chro­niza­tion appli­ca­tion; it uses HPlus. The soft­ware obvi­ous­ly does not col­lect all the data that is on the watch. You can only view detailed dynam­ics in pri­vate, which is com­plete­ly incon­ve­nient for reg­u­lar train­ing.

Sleep sta­tis­tics:

Makibes G07

It is enough to build a cal­en­dar, since there is a cal­en­dar on board with a neg­a­tive overview of activ­i­ty on any day, build graphs of var­i­ous types and so on.

Makibes G07 Makibes G07

The user can view the dynam­ics of their work­outs and some (again: not all) of their activ­i­ty or sleep details, and cus­tomize the indi­ca­tor indi­ca­tor.

Makibes G07

The watch can noti­fy the user of incom­ing calls, SMS and oth­er noti­fi­ca­tions — a list for con­sid­er­a­tion.

Makibes G07

Dur­ing calls or mes­sages, the watch is pow­ered and vibrates (or only vibrates if the user has mut­ed the sound), and in the infor­ma­tion menu you can read the three most recent mes­sages — not very con­ve­nient, but enough to get the gen­er­al idea. How­ev­er, some­times noti­fi­ca­tions are dupli­cat­ed for some rea­son.

Makibes G07 Makibes G07

Autonomous operation

Dur­ing the week of acquain­tance in medi­um activ­i­ty mode, it was not pos­si­ble to dis­charge the bat­tery. The sit­u­a­tion was “saved” only by turn­ing on the GPS mod­ule in run­ning mode — this increas­es ener­gy con­sump­tion and there is a built-in 500 mAh bat­tery for a few hours. Accord­ing to gen­er­al impres­sions, in medi­um activ­i­ty mode with­out GPS, the watch lasts 7–10 days on a sin­gle charge, with GPS (run­ning, cycling, rock climb­ing) — 2–4 days.

Makibes G07 Makibes G07

The watch is charged using the includ­ed USB cable with a two-pin plug with mag­net­ic fas­ten­ing. The cable attach­es to the watch clear­ly and reli­ably with­out any ten­den­cy. A full charge takes approx­i­mate­ly two and a half hours.


The Mak­ibes G07 is a mul­ti­func­tion­al sports watch that is prac­ti­cal­ly open to all wear­ers. Using a large num­ber of sen­sors, they read all the nec­es­sary data to obtain sta­tis­ti­cal sta­tis­tics and, if any­thing hap­pens, pro­vide the abil­i­ty to over­load the body. For con­tin­u­ous modes, mul­ti­ple screens are pro­vid­ed with dis­plays rel­e­vant to the user’s spe­cif­ic infor­ma­tion. But the soft­ware for syn­chro­niz­ing with a smart­phone let us down: it’s not pos­si­ble to ade­quate­ly upload infor­ma­tion to a smart­phone or PC yet — I want to believe that this is a tem­po­rary prob­lem. Final­ly, the watch dis­play pro­vides a clear­ly vis­i­ble image both indoors, in the sun, and in the water. In gen­er­al, what more could you want from a smart­watch for a hun­dred dol­lars?

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  • rich func­tion­al­i­ty;
  • clear­ly vis­i­ble light in any light­ing con­di­tions;
  • rel­a­tive­ly high auton­o­my.


    • lack of pro­pri­etary syn­chro­niza­tion soft­ware;
  • uneven accu­ra­cy of sen­sors;
  • Incom­plete func­tion­al­i­ty of the Stop­watch mode.