With the advent of mobile phones, worried parents could exhale: you give your child a phone and you can call him at any time. However, sometimes children lose devices, break them and forget to charge them. GPS watches come to the rescue, allowing you to track your child’s movements in real time. But the hours are different. It is obvious that parents, grandmothers and nannies need a trouble-free gadget that will work in any conditions and show exactly where the child is. It is this device that our review is devoted to.

Technical characteristics of Lexand Kids Radar (LT-V)

  • Functions: real-time location determination, remote listening and recording mode, setting up safe zones, SOS panic button, pedometer.
  • Location technologies: GPS GSM/A-GPS Wi-Fi
  • Location accuracy: on the street up to five meters, in buildings up to 20 meters.
  • Water and dust protection: IP65 (maximum water jet, do not immerse in water)
  • Communication: GSM 850/900/1800/1900, GPRS
  • Wireless interfaces: Bluetooth 4.0 BLE.
  • Battery: 270 mAh
  • Screen: 0.9 inch LCD TM
  • Supported operating systems: Android 2.2 and above, iOS 5 and above.
  • Waiting time: up to 30 hours
  • Dimensions: 238x32x15 mm.
  • Weight: 30 grams

Packaging and equipment

Lexand Kids Radar comes in a bright oblong box, inside of which there is a clear, illustrated instruction with a detailed description of the process of turning on and using the watch – it’s difficult to get confused.

Also included is a Micro-USB cable with a fun magnetic teddy bear connector and an AC adapter. Alas, it does not magnetize very reliably, and this needs to be monitored.

Lexand Children's Radar


Kids Radar from Lexand is a smartwatch that fits well into a standard-sized case. The analogues immediately stand out for their size and bright design, but here you can choose either a calm, universal turquoise color with a light yellow screen border, or a cute yellow color with a pink border.

Lexand Children's Radar

On the right side of the gadget there is an SOS button: pressing it for five seconds allows you to send a request for help to parents. On the left are the charging contacts.

Lexand Children's RadarLexand Children's Radar


The clock screen is located on the front panel along with control buttons (there are two of them – power and “up”). The display is black and white, it shows the date, time, battery charge indicator and the number of steps per day (a handy thing for tracking a child’s activity if necessary). The screen design is discreet, typical of a TN LCD display with a diagonal of 0.9 inches.

Lexand Children's Radar


An important advantage of Lexand Kids Radar is its compactness and light weight – the device weighs only 30 grams. Thanks to the adjustable clasp, the bracelet can be put on a child’s hand of almost any size: its length varies from “adult” (for the wrist of an average man) to very tiny, so the device is suitable even for first-graders. The bracelet is made of hypoallergenic thermoplastic elastomer.

Lexand Children's Radar

This material is pleasant to the touch, is not afraid of water and dust (IP65 protection), is easy to clean and difficult to tear. And you don’t have to worry that constant contact with the skin will cause a rash on your wrist. If a child gets caught in the rain or catches the bracelet on the sleeve of his jacket, nothing will happen to the watch.

Lexand Children's Radar

Synchronization with smartphone

The gadget turns on by pressing the bottom power button for three seconds. Since for security reasons the watch can only be controlled from a third-party device, the Lexand Care app was developed (available for free in the iOS and Android stores). It contains all the necessary settings, which you can understand in a matter of seconds. First, you need to install the application on your smartphone (supported by iOS version 5 and above and Android 2.2 and above). To connect your smartphone to the watch, you will have to scan the QR code on the back of the watch or from the instructions, after registering with your phone number (it only takes a couple of minutes).

Now that the watch is “linked”, you can let your child go for a walk or to school.

Device in operation

What can Lexand Kids Radar do and how can it be useful to parents?

Their main function is to track a child’s location in real time with an accuracy of up to five meters outdoors and up to 20 meters indoors using combined location technology and the Yandex.Locator LBS service. The accuracy is high due to the fact that the watch receives information from several sources at once. These include GPS signals from satellites, cell tower signals from carriers, and location information about nearby Wi-Fi networks from Latitude. The combination of all possible methods gives excellent results. So, no device can cope with natural interference in the form of walls, so the watch uses the coordinates of neighboring Wi-Fi networks.

Lexand Children's Radar

The smartphone linked to the watch displays a map with its current location (you can check it by pressing the “position” button). There is also a “record” button that starts the creation of an audio file. The child will not be aware that the sound environment around him is being recorded, so using this useful feature will not confuse him in any way. Please note that up to six people can look after your child from different devices, and notifications will be sent to each of them. To do this, you need to install the Lexand Care app and accept the request.

Outwardly, nothing betrays the “smartness” of the watch, and rightly so: if the baby finds himself in a difficult situation, he can discreetly press the SOS button and transmit a signal to his parents without arousing anyone’s suspicion.

Another security component is the built-in SIM module. It is impossible to remove the SIM card from the watch, as well as disable it (and location detection). Thus, it is almost impossible to destroy Kids Radar, and the child will have time to send a signal for help in any case.

Functionality and uniqueness

Kids Radar from Lexand took three years to develop for good reason – some functions are present only in this model.

Lexand Kids Radar does not need to be reconfigured when visiting another country: they work anywhere in the world, without requiring a SIM card change or roaming charges. That is, upon arrival in another country, you will not have to perform any manipulations with the gadget – the watch will continue to work, as in EU.

Lexand Children's Radar

Monitoring your child will be useful not only during a trip abroad, but also at the airport, train station, shopping center or simply in any crowded place. A special tracking mode when the Bluetooth module is turned on helps to receive a signal if the child moves 10-15 meters away from adults. You no longer have to agree to “meet me at the fountain if you get lost” (you can also forget about the usual settings like “find a police officer and report that you lost your parents”). A watch, unlike a smartphone, will always be at your fingertips.

In addition, Lexand Care has the ability to set up up to ten so-called safe zones (for example, school, kindergarten, yard, playground), when leaving the limits of which the parent will receive a notification on the smartphone. For example, if a child goes for a walk alone, you can set a zone on the map with a radius of 50 to 1000 meters, and when the child is outside of it, the parents will receive a signal. Agree, this is much more convenient than constantly looking out the window or calling your child every five minutes.

Also useful is the ability to send location data at a certain interval – every 15, 30 or 60 minutes, as well as the ability to view the history of the child’s movements. The watch also sends a notification when the battery is low, so you don’t have to worry about forgetting about it – the gadget itself will remind you when it’s time to plug it into an outlet.

You cannot call during these hours. And this is very useful, because no one, without the parents’ knowledge, will be able to tell the child something like “Mom asked to pick you up from school.”

Autonomous operation

The device is charged using a cable with magnetic contacts and a bear-shaped connector, which glows blue when connected. Full charge is achieved in two hours. On average, battery life in tracking mode is about a day, which is normal for a gadget with GPS almost always turned on.

The watch will have to be charged every day; It’s more convenient to do this at night, teaching the child to “put the charging bear to bed.”

Lexand Children's RadarLexand Children's Radar


All parents want to stop worrying about their children, and with Lexand Kids Radar, providing peace of mind has become easier: you put the gadget on your child and no longer worry about him getting lost or running away somewhere. Navigation on the watch does not lag, there are no problems with notifications, the application works more than correctly, the design of the compact device is pleasant and discreet.

Lexand Children's Radar


  • precise location determination;
  • built-in SIM card that works in all countries and does not require configuration;
  • full functionality out of the box;
  • compactness.


  • unreliable magnetic charging mount.