Rumors about the creation of “smart” Apple watches spurred work on dozens of similar projects. Rumor has it that both Samsung and Google are developing their own smartwatches. But so far, ambitious projects on crowdfunding websites have gone the furthest. Chip Kreyos Smartwatch – iOS compatibility and gesture control.

The Meteor Smartwatch has a gyroscope, an accelerometer and several additional motion sensors that constantly monitor the movement of the hands. The creators of the project offer to control the clock using gestures in the air, including those configured independently. Thanks to the presence of a microphone, Meteor can work with Siri, and at the same time remains waterproof.

Push notifications for messages appear on the watch screen, which can be answered using the iOS voice assistant. Naturally, numerous fitness trackers, calorie counters and so on will be loaded into memory. Work is underway on software for developing third-party applications. Kreyos Meteor Smartwatch supports iOS 7.

The modular system allows you to change the straps without problems. But the design of the case and the available photos hint that the Meteor Smartwatch is primarily intended for athletes and people leading an active lifestyle. The project is posted on the portal indiegogo and has already collected 230 thousand dollars – almost two and a half times more than was necessary. Deliveries should start in November 2013. Prices start at $100. [indiegogo]