When a child goes to school, safety becomes a major issue. How to track that your child has reached class? You can buy a smartphone and force it to make calls, but it can easily be broken or lost. The best option is a children’s watch, such as the JET Kid Gear. You can make calls on them and track where the child is. What else can they do?

Adult appearance

The first thing that catches your eye is the unusual design of the case for a children’s watch. It looks very mature, but not brutal, and will especially appeal to those children who no longer want to be considered small. JET Kid Gear is made of safe materials and comes in five colors, as they say, for every taste: black, blue, yellow, red and orange.

The silicone strap deserves special praise. The fastening holes are hidden under plugs, which helps the model look protected from literally everything. The body is splashproof: rain won’t harm you, but it’s best not to swim in the pool.

JET Kid Gear

The image on the display is clearly readable in almost any lighting, well, except direct sunlight. When you press any button, it turns on and displays a child-friendly menu.

The slot for nano-SIM and the charging connector are covered with durable plugs – such dust and moisture protection will never be superfluous. The watch is charged using a regular micro-USB cable, and you can find it anywhere, not just at home.

JET Kid Gear

Accuracy is fine

The main purpose of the model is to track the child’s location, and it copes with this function perfectly. The developer warns that the accuracy of the determination is from five meters, in buildings it may be more. In fact, the clock indicates where it is located, accurate to the wing of the school or the entrance to the house. When determining location, the gadget uses several methods at once (this is the standard for such devices):

  • GPS positioning

  • LBS – tracking based on data from mobile operator base stations

  • Wi-Fi – coordinates of the nearest wireless networks (the watch cannot connect to them and transfer data)

For correct operation, you need a SIM card that supports 2G networks, since data is transmitted via GPRS. This should be especially noted when concluding a service agreement at the operator’s office. Some operators (for example, Tele2 in the world region) do not support old networks at all, while others may issue new SIM cards that also cannot register in 2G networks. In addition, the tariff must allow data transfer via GPRS.

JET Kid Gear

In touch with your child

The watch also successfully acts as a telephone: with its help you can make hands-free calls. The numbers to which calls are allowed are entered from the parent’s smartphone.

In addition, there are functions that are usually not typical for such gadgets. For example, a small selfie camera above the display. There is a gallery to view photos.


There is also a flashlight (it’s not for nothing that the prefix “gear” appears in the name). It turns on through the menu and shines quite brightly – a useful little thing in the dark.

A pedometer will allow you to evaluate the activity of the watch owner, a stopwatch will help you measure your running speed, and a math game (a quick test of calculations) will help you pass the time during recess. For communication, in addition to regular calls, voice chat was provided. This is convenient if you need to tell your child something when he is in class or training – the message can be listened to later, and parents do not have to wait for the right moment to call.

JET Kid Gear


For the watch to work properly, you must install the JET Kid application on your parent’s smartphone. Otherwise, you can only use them to make calls, and in the watch itself you can use the camera, flashlight, pedometer and play. The program is available for free on Google Play and the App Store, and can be installed in one click. After installation, the user simply registers and connects the watch with an active SIM card (the QR code and number are indicated on a special tag included in the package).

If everything is done correctly, an extensive menu opens. The first thing you should do is go to the settings and enter the phone number of your parents’ smartphone in the field for the SOS number (long press the Mode button on the watch). There you can enter contacts into the phone book, set the language, time and date, and the number for reporting low battery and removing the watch from your hand.

JET Kid Gear

With moderate use, the model lasts up to two days without recharging. In order not to waste battery power, the manufacturer recommends setting the geolocation mode to an economical mode with updates once an hour. At the same time, parents can at any time request coordinates in the “Child’s Geolocation” menu or view the history of their movements.

It is possible to set up geofences – areas of the map (for example, those where a school, clubs, playgrounds are located), when going beyond which a signal will be sent.

JET Kid Gear

Finally, in the application you can set an alarm on your watch and see how many steps your child has taken during the day. If your gadget is accidentally lost in the depths of a briefcase or somewhere in a child’s room, the “Find Watch” function will help you find it in a matter of seconds. And thanks to the hand-held sensor, a notification will be sent to your smartphone if the watch has been removed for some reason.

Technical characteristics of JET Kid Gear

1.44”, color, 240×240 pixels
GSM 850/900/1800/1900 MHz
Wireless interfaces
400 mAh, non-removable


JET Kid Gear can become a gift that will not be thrown on the shelf as unnecessary, but will become a child’s faithful companion. He is glad to have an adult gadget, and parents know where their offspring disappears and don’t have to worry.

JET Kid Gear

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