Jawbone will try to oust Fitbit from the US market through the courts.

The rift between the two large companies is intensifying. Two weeks ago, Jawbone was accused of stealing confidential information from employees who switched to Fitbit. This turned out to be not enough. Jawbone is now working with the International Trade Commission to prevent competitors from selling their products in the US. The reason for such a serious treatment was violation patent for “a wellness application that receives data from a fitness bracelet.” The accusation sounds somewhat strange for the reason that almost all existing smart bracelets use this scenario. For Fitbit, this is another obstacle to entering the stock market, which has now turned out to be very inopportune, and the management considers this accusation to be groundless.


“Our company has no need for information from Jawbone or any other company. We are not aware of any sensitive Jawbone data and will defend ourselves against such blatant allegations in every possible way.” – representatives of Fitbit.


Jawbone’s lawsuits come after the launch of their Jawbone UP3 smartband was delayed several times. The device itself criticized, and now the company is pinning its hopes on the next generation of the bracelet – Jawbone UP4, which will differ slightly from its predecessor. Jawbone is going to have a tough year. [engadget]

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