Do you think you’re on fire iWatch exhaust­ed and the top­ic is already closed? This is not true. More hell, friends, more!

How many of these Apple watch con­cepts have already been? Do not count! Large and angu­lar, thin and incon­spic­u­ous, copy­ing the appear­ance of the iPhone and many oth­ers. Why are there con­cepts when respectable pub­li­ca­tions began to pre­dict the release date of iWatch. Although, why sar­casm, when you real­ly want Apple to release some­thing like that, again tear apart com­peti­tors and kick the mar­ket like that. And I want so much that design­ers and enthu­si­asts con­tin­ue to cre­ate con­cepts for this unusu­al gad­get, with a cou­ple of which I pro­pose to read below.

First con­cept sug­gest­ed a Edgar Rios. In his vision, the iWatch resem­bles a sixth-gen­er­a­tion iPhone/iPod nano hybrid. As planned, the watch dis­play should be in the shape of a rec­tan­gle, and the mount will embody Apple’s patent­ed tech­nol­o­gy for a touch bracelet. By the way, a sim­i­lar clasp is used in chil­dren’s jew­el­ry, which snaps onto the wrist in one move­ment, repeat­ing the swing of a whip.

Sec­ond con­cept clos­er to clas­sic. Designed for a mag­a­zine MacUser design­er Mar­tin Hayek. Until now, design­ers’ fan­tasies have focused on some­thing high-tech. Hayek sug­gest­ed that the iWatch would look classy and pre­sentable with a clas­sic leather strap and a con­ser­v­a­tive form fac­tor. No touch bracelets and oth­er “tech­ni­cal dev­il­ry”. Although the design­er sees iOS as the basis of the device.

Friends, do not for­get that all these con­cepts and ideas are more a game of cre­ative thought than real pro­to­types of Apple watch­es. What else to do cre­ative minds in antic­i­pa­tion of the next mir­a­cle? So I pro­pose to treat these ideas con­de­scend­ing­ly and not judge artists too harsh­ly. [9To5 Mac]