It’s not hard to imagine that Apple designers and engineers draw inspiration for their future gadgets from numerous concepts. Let them not copy the entire device completely from the picture, but they definitely find interesting ideas for their brainchildren. Will they pay attention to the iWatch concept from a familiar Martin Hayekwho almost exactly predicted the look of the iPhone 5 almost a year ago?

These are high-quality renders of iWatch watches that Martin painted for MacUser magazine earlier this year. Their appearance is a mix of modern technologies and watchmaking classics. The watch case is made of aluminum with polished frames similar to the iPhone 5.

The leather strap in black and brown is the most controversial decision of the famous designer. The thread that stitches the entire strap, rough leather with the Apple logo looks like a creation of the Cupertinos of the 80s. Not Apple style at all. If Apple’s smartwatch ever comes along, its strap will most likely look like the one from the iPod Touch Gen. Would you get another iOS gadget to pair with your iPhone or iPad? I’m waiting for them as much as I was waiting for Dev-Team’s iPhone OS 2.0 jailbreak. []