Must be experienced and even popular investment bank analyst Piper Jaffray Gene Munster can afford a watch Rolex. So by giving the new iPhone 5 the status of “Rolex in the world of phones,” he knows what he’s talking about.

Where before the presentation, analysts’ job was to predict performance, now they predict sales numbers. And in one note with numbers, you can use metaphors and draw an interesting analogy – so that it would be more interesting for investors to read. That’s exactly what Jin did, comparing Apple’s new smartphone to nothing less than a Swiss luxury watch brand. He put the devices of other manufacturers on a par with the Timex watches of the American company of the same name. The latter are often distinguished by a good price-quality ratio, but these two brands are mentioned together only when they talk about the external similarity of some Timex models with Rolex. Munster asks investors: Would they buy Timex if they were offered a real Rolex for the same price?

The iPhone 5 will sell in record numbers, Munster is sure. In the current quarter, he predicts sales at the level of 6 to 10 million devices, despite the fact that the start is scheduled for September 21, and the quarter ends on September 30. By the end of the year, Apple, citing an analyst, should sell 49 million iPhone 5. This is confirmed by statistics … from Twitter, they say, positive tweets about the iPhone 4S on the day of its presentation was only 51%, while in the case of the iPhone 5, the figure increased to 73%.

As for the smartphone itself, Munster especially highlights its weight, which has been reduced enough that users will definitely notice the difference. Words like these alone, spoken out loud enough, can make a big difference in the success of the iPhone 5. []