Pebble smartwatches have two important factors that still allow them to kick the competition and feel good in the market. And so good that even the clumsy in terms of design Pebble Time managed in just 17 minutes collect on Kickstarter required to launch mass production $500 thousand and don’t stop there.

The first important feature of Pebble – multiplatform. They work equally well with both Android smartphones and iOS devices. Second killer feature – autonomy. The watch works without recharging for a week, against 1-2 days for competitor solutions. You can add a few more scoops of healthy sweet mass to this barrel of honey in the form of a convenient API for creating applications and an always-on e-paper-based screen, which is perfectly distinguishable both in the dark (thanks to the backlight) and in the bright sun.

So, continuing the theme of the bubble, it is worth noting that in just nine hours, unpretentious outwardly and technically unimpressive Pebble Time managed to collect $6.5 million and get into the top five most actively funded Kickstarter projects. At that time, only the Ouya Android game console ($8.5 million), the Exploding Kittens card game ($8.7 million), the original Pebble ($10.2 million) and the Coolest Cooler portable refrigerator ($13.2 million) were cooler at that time. .

There is just one important detail, all the mentioned projects collected the indicated amounts for the month. And Pebble Time at the time of writing, that is, just a day after the launch of the crowdfunding campaign, had already received almost $8.5 millionwith 30 more days to fundraise. Will the smartwatch beat the Coolest Cooler record? I’m sure yes. [Kickstarter]