Already some­one who iFix­it able to get scarce devices before oth­ers. Suf­fice it to recall that they designed the iPhone 5 dis­man­tling gallery even before the most agile Euro­peans had time to buy it. The bet­ter the scarci­ty of hours is felt Peb­ble, because they end­ed up in the hands of iFix­it only now — almost two months after the start of ship­ment. We don’t say “start of sales” because not even all Kick­starter project hold­ers have received their copies yet!

Whether you are wait­ing for your mir­a­cle watch or not, you will sure­ly be inter­est­ed to know what is inside it …

Kick­starter Edi­tion. Sounds like a judg­ment. By the way, pay atten­tion to the infor­ma­tion at the bot­tom of the rear pan­el. Peb­ble can with­stand pres­sure up to 5 atmos­pheres, i.e. they can swim in the pool.

As you can see in the pre­vi­ous two pic­tures, the case does not con­tain any screws. This is where the brand­ed iOpen­er heat­ing pad comes to the res­cue — the same one that was used when dis­as­sem­bling the iPad mini and iPad 4th gen­er­a­tion.

Water-resis­tance comes at a price: the front is coat­ed with so much adhe­sive on the inside that it becomes impos­si­ble to open the watch with­out dam­ag­ing the dis­play. Decid­ed to “repair” — say good­bye to the screen, like this.

Now at least some use from the top of the dis­play will be only if you high­light it with a flash­light.

Click on the pho­to to get a clos­er look at each pix­el:


By bend­ing direct­ly the lay­er of “elec­tron­ic paper”, you will find LEDs for back­light­ing the dis­play, as well as a flat light-con­duct­ing matrix. Here every­thing works the same as in the Mac­Book Pro, except that there are only three diodes.

Tricks with glue, it seems, are left behind — the elec­tron­ic unit is just nest­ed in a plas­tic frame with but­tons and fas­ten­ings for straps.

But no — there is a cer­tain amount of glue inside. In par­tic­u­lar, an orange plume, cou­pled with a light-con­duct­ing matrix, “sits” on the glue.

There are a lot of com­po­nents on the cable: all 4 but­tons, all 3 LEDs, as well as a Blue­tooth anten­na. Here you can com­plain about the impos­si­bil­i­ty of replac­ing them sep­a­rate­ly, but who wants to change any­thing at all in this watch if the dis­play still has to be sac­ri­ficed?

Under the light-con­duct­ing matrix, the upper side of the moth­er­board and bat­tery is hid­den.

Since the e‑paper dis­play con­sumes almost noth­ing, the bat­tery lasts up to 7 days. The bat­tery volt­age is 3.7 volts, the capac­i­ty is 130 mil­liamp-hours.

Top of moth­er­board:
• Red — Micron N25Q032A11ESE40F 32 MB Flash Mem­o­ry Mod­ule;
• Orange — micro­con­troller ARM Cor­tex-M3 with a fre­quen­cy of 120 MHz, STMi­cro­elec­tron­ics STM32F205RE;
• Yel­low — STMi­cro­elec­tron­ics LIS3DH tri­ax­i­al accelerom­e­ter.

The sil­ver Blue­tooth mod­ule bears the Pana­son­ic mark­ing “PAN1316” but…

… but in fact, the “heart” of the mod­ule is the Texas Instru­ments CC2560A chip. In the TI cat­a­log, it appears as hav­ing no sup­port for ener­gy effi­cient Blue­tooth 4.0. So what, the cre­ators of Peb­ble mis­lead cus­tomers? Not at all. Accord­ing to their own words, the chip has firmware from anoth­er con­troller, CC2564. Sup­port for Blue­tooth 4.0 is, even if it is not acti­vat­ed in the Peb­ble oper­at­ing sys­tem.

There is noth­ing left — to get (or rather, squeeze out) but­tons. For the sake of all the same water resis­tance, a rub­ber gas­ket is hid­den under each of the but­tons.

Since in order to dis­as­sem­ble the device you break it, there can be no talk of replac­ing any of the inter­nal com­po­nents. It’s bad, for exam­ple, that you can not replace the bat­tery. From 6 to 10 years of work — and that’s it, it will just “fiz­zle out”. 6 years is not the best life for a good watch.

Rather than scor­ing 0 out of 10 on a repairabil­i­ty scale, iFix­it decid­ed not to assign a score at all. They would have had a good prac­tice, and then, you see, the next clock would not have been bro­ken. But how can you train here when it is extreme­ly prob­lem­at­ic to get even one copy of Peb­ble?

Click­able. [ifix­it]