Iconbit Callisto 100 - the next generation of smartwatchesImage

Recently, several models of so-called “smart watches” have appeared on the world market. Similar products presented by Samsung and Sony acted as useful accessories for smartphones.

But the lesser-known manufacturer IconBit at the end of 2013 presented its unique development – the Iconbit Callisto 100 smart watch, which is a complete, independent mobile device with a dual-core processor, in which all the functions of Android 4.2 are available. Another indisputable advantage of these watches is their very affordable price.

Iconbit Callisto 100 - the next generation of smartwatches Iconbit Callisto 100 - the next generation of smartwatchesIconbit Callisto 100 - the next generation of smartwatches

Main technical characteristics of the device

Iconbit Callisto 100, like their well-known brand predecessors, is equipped with a Bluetooth communication interface, but, unlike competing products, also supports 3G, Wi-Fi and GPS. The internal memory of the device is 4 GB. If desired, it can be expanded with a memory card for another 32 GB. Such a solution is very atypical for smart watches and significantly expands the capabilities of the device.

The RAM of this smart device is 512 MB, which is quite enough for the smooth operation of the system. The product is also equipped with a speaker, a microphone, a 3 MP camera, a gyroscope, an accelerometer, a compass, an alarm clock, a calculator, a task planner and a phone book. It also supports installing apps from Google Play. The battery life of this device is more than a day in economy mode.

Watch accessories

Iconbit Callisto 100 comes with:

  • a screwdriver, which is needed to unscrew the screws that hold the cover of the SIM card slot and the back cover that protects the battery and the memory card slot;
  • a plastic cradle equipped with a Micro-USB connector and necessary for recharging the watch or connecting it to a PC;
  • stylus to control the device and convenient typing.

Iconbit Callisto 100 - the next generation of smartwatches


Design is one of the weaknesses of this product. The watch is massive, has a thickness of 14 mm and weighs 95 g. The large mass of the model is explained by the fact that its entire case is made of metal. The positive point is that this ensures maximum reliability and protection of the product.

There is a camera on the left side panel and there are two buttons, one of which is responsible for turning on the device, and the other for returning to the main menu. On the right panel are a slot for a SIM card and a built-in microphone.

Iconbit Callisto 100 - the next generation of smartwatches


The Iconbit Callisto 100 watch is equipped with a touch screen that allows you to perform all the standard Android actions, as well as some other gestures. In particular, swiping from the top of the screen to the bottom allows you to change the sound volume. The outer side of the display has a scratch-resistant surface, as well as an anti-reflective filter and a coating that repels grease. The IPS type matrix provides high image brightness and good viewing angles. The clock is used as a lock screen, presented in six analog and two digital display options.

Iconbit Callisto 100 - the next generation of smartwatches

Operating system

The Iconbit Callisto 100 is a standalone device that supports all the features of Android 4.2. There are only some restrictions related to the size of the device. For example, the inability to create widgets and combine more than three icons into one folder. Also, the operating system shell has minor optimizations.

The device supports all standard applications: browser, messages, Skype, YouTube and many others. There is also a Wireless Input Device program designed to connect a wireless keyboard. It is also possible to install many other programs, but be aware that they may not support a resolution of 240×240 pixels.

The user may experience some typing difficulties due to the small screen size. But the problem is solved by the stylus supplied with the main product.

Iconbit Callisto 100 - the next generation of smartwatches Iconbit Callisto 100 - the next generation of smartwatches

Telephone communications

With Iconbit Callisto 100 you can make calls and send SMS messages. The only function that is not implemented in this device is communication in video format. It is impossible due to the lack of a front camera. It should also be remembered that this smart watch does not have a wired headset jack, so the conversation with the interlocutor will be heard by everyone around.