In December, adidas showed us not only new shoes, but also cool watch. The new ARCHIVE_M1 from adidas combine seemingly incompatible things: 70s style and digital display. But there is no dissonance here, the first watch with an LED display appeared at that time.

This is not a smart watch, ARCHIVE_M1 has a minimum of functions: date, time and a built-in stopwatch. If you take a watch, then only because of their appearance. ARCHIVE_M1 – present retro under mineral glass.

The 36mm watch is made of stainless steel, as is the five-row 24mm clasp bracelet. The model is available in four painfully familiar colors: gold, rose gold, silver and black. There is also a small Easter egg for adidas fans – the buttons repeat the design of the EVA inserts in the mega-cool sneakers of the NMD collection.

The watch has not yet appeared in the European segment of the online store. In America, they can only be ordered in two colors, black and gold. In Canada, there is also a silver version. The European section is mercilessly broken, we will have to wait until they fix it.

adidas ARCHIVE_M1 for $130 – from America
adidas ARCHIVE_M1 for 170 CA$ — from Canada
Delivery to Europe: 20-30 $ through intermediaries