I’ve always been fascinated by watches gas discharge indicators (Nixie). These “neon light bulbs» are able to show the numbers 0-9 or signs, depending on the model. They came to us from the Soviet past, where they were widely used in various devices, from sound equipment to electronic scoreboards.

By the way, Steve Wozniak was also seen with a wristwatch on Nixie indicators.

Now such indicators are practically not produced, but they can be found on the secondary market. Radio amateurs use this when creating their retro watches. But for the most part, suchcrafts» can boast of nothing but lamps.

The greater was my surprise when, wandering through the expanses of Amazon, I found beautiful Nixie watches that our compatriots make. Meet Past Indicator.

Available to choose from seven modelsthough some will have to wait. Each model has its own color scheme. The watch shines with a soft orange light, can display the date and turn on the alarm clock. The brightness is adjustable, as is the lamp saving mode.

Lamps will work thirty years, after which they can be replaced without soldering. The main thing is to take care of a spare set now, I don’t think that they will be able to buy in three decades.

Please note that every 10 minutes all the lamps will run numbers from 0 to 9 – this is a technical feature of gas discharge indicators, otherwise there will be dark spots.

There is one big minus – price. Masters from Past Indicator set such a price tag not only for rare parts, but also for high-quality wooden cases with brass inserts.

Although you can save money by buying a complete watch, but without a case. Well, or just a set of parts with lamps – in case you want to collect something in the Fallout style. But there will be something to do in the evenings.

Well, when it comes to interior items, not everyone is guided by practicality alone. People love beautiful things.